I spotted a Ghost blog without any labels on it.

Unsure if I should list that as a skill or problem.

I miss my iPad… it was still too limited for what I need in a primary machine but as a detachable, terminal screen it’s just perfect. Reading, concept work, video calls… just a great compliment to the computer.

To the people defending the thievery of Wordle by saying “but Lingo the TV show”:

Apps =/= TV shows

As soon as Micro.blog has account-switching on the web, I’ll be back on Safari. Firefox is… not going well.

Searched for “wordle” on the App Store. Have no idea which one is real and which ones are clones/scams.

Good job, Apple. πŸ‘

Today I Learned returned yesterday, and now I have released a new update that includes the new domain for the site:


I’m happy to have also updated the site with the new footer, the design of which is now settled until 2.0 (months from now) at the earliest:

Screenshot of the new 3-column footer for the bottom of the Today I Learned website.

The Prices of the Free Web

Google search isn’t as good as it used to beβ€”I suspect foul play through SEO

Rene van Belzen

These days we’re often looking for a search engine that provides high quality results for specific questions, for free.

The problem here is that Google has sold everybody the complete lie that this is possible. Their results, their service, their websites, are all worse because products built on the back of money-free business models inevitably trend to that point.

Here are the different prices:

  • money
  • work
  • attention

The more you leverage the third one – the one that the mainstream web is now built upon – the worse your product becomes over time.

Of course, Rene has put some work in – two hours no less! – and he still has to deal with an inferior product. It’s as if a bad standard has spread throughout all of Google Search. When the foundation of a platform is built with rotten ingredients, the rest is doomed to crumble into useless crap.

We have to change the way we think about things. It’s one of the lessons I learned thanks to Micro.blog; the perception we had of the web as a result of the monopolistic behemoths, is false. Much of it is false, with very little effort put towards sustainability or any of the necessary energy required to build a healthy environment.

In a lot of ways it the web works better for you if you take on an older mindset; say, 5 to 10 years back, and spend less energy relying on whatever marketing spin comes from your behemoth service provider. I do this for every piece of tech I own and it serves me well.

Oh, as for Rene and his question, unfortunately I don’t have the answer. I only know that it isn’t so simple, or at least not as simple as a mega-corp’s marketing department would have you believe.

I’m going to work on my blog and make it look better. However, I’m also going to intentionally use it to experiment with Micro.blog features, especially for the timeline. So I’ll put up some disclaimers because things might get weird and/or spammy at times.

Apologies in advance!

Why do I blog? Why do I share? What is the point?

I read this and all I can think is:

Yep! Also, replying is hard.

(also: the Micro.blog Mac app is convinced I’ve typed over 400 characters at this point)

I made this terrible post yesterday, in which I expressed myself with toxic words and an awful attitude.

Instead of stopping to consider the impact of my words, I selfishly pursued the ambition of gatekeeping and righteous intolerance.

I am sorry for saying these things.

Looks like you can’t upload HEIC to Flickr in Firefox for Mac 😬

My biggest fear for Micro.blog is that it will turn into Facebook for bloggers.

Authenticity is important. All the way down. Even in the ways that might make us feel uncomfortable per our biases.

Everybody deserves the room to be who they are, and change.

Films are great because they’re enclosed stories.

They end.

They try to say something.

They are searching for meaning beyond filling time.

If all you do is talk about apps and services, you’re not really blogging.

I couldn’t give a shit about how you spent your money in a vain attempt to escape your real feelings.

Where are your fucking essays? Your small thoughts about big things? Your real talk?

Fucking. Write.

That thing wherein you’re struggling for sleep, feeling unhealthy, have miserable moods…?


  • Stop looking at screens so much.
  • Spend some time just concentrating on your breathing.
  • Let your mind wander and think over whatever is there.
  • Be honest about what is good for you.

I’m thinking more about blogging and small businesses.

I know a lot of people – especially on Micro.blog – like to hype up the indie alternative to Meta.

We have to remember that, for many people, the alternative will never fully replace the strengths of Meta.

And that’s ok.

There are times when I think “you know that iPhone video camera is for sure a good enough reason to get a good new one when I can afford to do so”

and then I remember “you can only get video directly over Lightning with USB-2 speeds”

… and then I’m like “fuck that”.

  • System prefs ->
  • Keyboard ->
  • Shortcuts ->
  • Keyboard ->
  • Tick “Use keyboard navigation to move focus between controls”.

Now I can scroll the Micro.blog Mac app with arrow keys, as is right and correct.

A large advert for an Apple Watch Series 7;

  • in the middle of the News app;
  • from a health insurance company.

Classy, Apple. Classy.