Hey did you hear that Apple computers are expensive. Pass on this super secret tip!

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A great set-up. Finally.

British Civility and the Lack Thereof

From @cole007:

This is perhaps the problem of party politics, where tribalism, allegiance and blind loyalty become the driving force of conversation; centralised dogma determining localised decision making and messaging rather than debate, dialogue and legitimate representation. (via The problem with Corybynism)

The lack of civility in British civics is perhaps the most glaring symptom of a society that is fractured. This is the underlying problem; we can’t even begin to work together to maintain and improve vital public services (thus better securing the lives of our most vulnerable citizens) if we can’t even agree to simply talk to one another.

From @Vincent:

I hope this site will outlive me, somehow, in an archive. I only know how to write software, make websites and fly shiny metal things in the air… I will never create buildings or monuments.

I like this paragraph. It both speaks to what I think is a broadly lived experience in the age of the “Digital Native” and provides crucial insight within the context of Vincent’s post.

Starting to see why WP hosted costs as little as it does. Some of the missing features from using WP self-hosted might push me back into self-hosting.

Pro Tip: I will never not favourite posts that feature pictures of cats and dogs.

My phone is currently a paperweight. Now down to using my iPod Classic for podcasts and music.

In some ways this is freeing but there are things I am missing that I can only access with the phone.

Charging my 5S has become difficult to the point of frustration. So now, I’m setting up my iPod Classic.

Uh… yeah.

Charging my 5S has become difficult to the point of frustration. So now, I’m setting up my iPod Classic.

Uh… yeah.

Last month I put a stop to an infinity project that had become at odds with everything it had previously shown the potential to be, a toxic drain of the little time and energy I have available for work and passion projects.

Earlier today I archived my tumblr, not for the first time.

Also been actively working to use non-social media feeds for news, info, and the like.

After all of this, I am already feeling much better.