How can I invite someone into a community that doesn’t recognize the power and violence of language, asymmetrically deployed by the privileged against the othered, that doesn’t truly respect the individual?

– Smokey Ardisson; Friday thoughts, part deux

Time for a break. It’s been… a year.

Happy holidays everyone. Please be nice to each other. ❤️

See you all next year!

The feeling of reading and writing with paper and knowing that some idiot from a tech company can’t ruin your experience.

I wonder if I stopped blogging about TIL it would change anything.

I mean, the new newsletter feature means that people who really want to stay up-to-date don’t need to so much as care about my personal blog anymore.

Maybe it’s time for TIL to stand entirely on its own feet.

I am back on the train of thought regarding “feature phones”. I find the idea of separating my communication from a fully computerised device increasingly compelling.

I like people who put in the hard work of focus.

It is oh so easy to throw a thousand things a day out onto the internet with little thought. But truly good things, the types of things that are worth saying and sharing? Those require the hard work of focus.

Maybe there should be a ranting podcast for the community… we all get a chance to swear into a microphone for like 15 minutes.

The new feature is now public on @TIL:

ICYMI is back!

Enjoyed putting this together in a short space of time. Was made so much easier by the fact that I had existing material from the previous version of the newsletter.

Chocolate-chip cookies are the favored kind of cookie. Raisin cookies are for people who secretly hate themselves. A real cookie shouldn’t have fruit in it. A real cookie is bad for you. It is like a delicious nail driven directly into your heart.

Patrick Rothfuss

I look forward to the day that plug-ins and themes are less of a black box of mystery. Good, easy-to-access documentation would further enable the ownership aspect of the philosophy. More people could make their own little world on their blog, like before.

Anybody else having issues with undo in the editor? (on a Mac -> browser)