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Lock-screen widgets from third-party developers — the main reason I updated so quickly — are not currently available due to a bug made by Apple.

Yet more proof that you shouldn’t have arbitrary, marketing-led production schedules.

I think I’m ready — once the money is available — to get a traditional phone and keep my smartphone in reserve as a media player/point-and-shoot/back-up for the “modern world”.

The experiment feels good: separate the key feature — communication — from the handheld computer.

If you pay for Apple Music Family for, say, 10 years. That is £1,800.

Now say the price of the average album is £10. That’s 180 albums.

In the first instance your access to the music can disappear oh-so very easily when compared to the second. No thanks, I reject this choice.

New Apple workout idea: Home-making.

I can work at a fair clip when I’m getting a bunch of things done at once; dishes, laundry, tidying, hoovering, taking out the rubbish, and a number of connected tasks therein. I’m definitely highly active but the Watch doesn’t count it.

Doppler for Mac 2.1 is a damned good update.

It’s amazing to me how easily people misunderstood the scale of Apple’s operations.

The reason they differ from the other companies of similar scale? They’re attempting to provide a guaranteed experience, whilst the others are fine with differences from customer to customer.

The new AirPods Pro have better battery? That’s enough for me.

This is a complicated subject, and so I understand why it doesn’t get spoken about in public as often as other issues and ideas.

However, I feel the need to admit that I am utterly jealous of the people who get paid to work. It is one difficult aspect of being a carer.

Vincent has an interesting posts on keeping things simple, with some good advice for people like Vincent.

For those of us not like Vincent; don’t worry about it. Do whatever works for you. If you feel good about using your to-do list, then you keep using that to-do list.

Watching Cartoon Network get thrown into the memory hole is yet another sign that the plans we have in this house to create as much of a traditional media system as possible are correct.

  • Buy as much stuff as possible.
  • Keep and maintain local back-ups.
  • Exclude the internet.

I wish I could more easily share conversations on Even this manual process of hand-picked highlighting is difficult, to the point that it might as well be considered impossible.

It’s as if only the team are allowed to easily share activity.

Changes to Apple’s podcasting hosting requirements means there’s a chance of more work for the team. Hopefully not too much!

I’ve just opened the Help Centre to find that I’ve been logged out of my account. I have done literally nothing to make this happen, and as far as I’m aware there is nothing from the side of Manton or Discourse.

Probable cause; Safari’s bullshit at work yet again.

Later this year Save Tonight will be 25 years-old. 🎵

Federico Viticci’s damning conclusion with regard to the state of Stage Manager is the latest in a list of reasons that I am glad to have switched my primary computing from the iPad to the Mac.

Gruber’s latest post regarding the new version of the Mac’s System Settings and SwiftUI made me immediately think about @manton’s insistence that Apple should have chosen to further improve development of their existing technologies.

Change for the sake of change is never good.

Sometimes I’ll thread my posts as replies, whilst other times I’ll make a separate short post or a long post. provides me with the flexibility to do this and I never have to think about algorithms, anonymous hate, or dysfunctional updates.

Per my cloud-fist-shaking regarding the disatisfying experience of music via streaming and social media, I continue to be relieved and pleased with the continued development of Doppler. You select the music and it just plays, instantly, as if you’re using a computer!

Currently listening: To My Soul by Jerry Folk 🎵


✨blessed morning walk✨

I find the tools and gadgets of the web interesting, however I can only get excited if they serve a purpose and clearly aren’t just searching for the fastest exit. For example: our very own Vincent Ritter’s approach to social media and advertising and Adam Newbold’s work with

Slept through the high temperature of the day. Eh… a little extreme; I think half as much would get the trick done.

The Play app, by Marcos Tanaka, now includes support for Vimeo and for YouTube playlists. A very nice update.

I’ve become wary of people who justify every single feature request for software with the “table stakes” argument.

This is a tired good boy, who passed his qualification as an assistance companion today and is now a permanent member of our family. 🥳

A golden retriever dog, lying down on a carpeted floor with some of his soft toys in the background.