I have a Mac now.

It is 11 years-old.

My 2016-HP Windows PC fails in comparison.

… touché, Mac nerds.

When we’ve fully moved in, I’ll be happy to never seen another train in my life.

I either want a minimalist phone or the latest iPhone Pro Max. There is nothing in between.

I was Today Years Old when I learned that you cannot manage contact groups on an iPhone.

Every single time I think “bah I don’t want a new phone I’m all anti-digital addiction” I then immediately come across a reminder of just how good these devices are as video cameras.

For my life, that’s where the real value can be found.

I now have an inkling of life with only a phone for a computer.

How anybody lives in this hell I’ll never know.

Maybe Apple should introduce a Trusted Payment Program for the likes of Stripe and Paypal as a way to stop- oh… well, never mind!


Reminders for my future self, when I have disposable income:

  • This was very difficult.
  • Lots of people in your own country, let alone the world, carry these problems all of the time.
  • Be as generous as possible.
  • Ignore shallow distractions with your money.
  • Always support indies.

Tomorrow is the day I’m going to sell the iPad Pro.

Once we settle into the new place, I’ll return to the old and busted all-in-one Windows machine for as long as it’ll work. 😂

On the plus side, it’s better ergonomically and I can return to a full-sized keyboard and mouse.

It’s fair to say they are having… mixed reactions to the move 😂