A Plea for Help

Earlier today I put out a short post to ask for help.

Unfortunately my wife and I have discovered that we will be short of money to cover all of our bills this month, and it is making what is an otherwise life-changing event into an all-too familiar ball of stress, anxiety, and frankly, shame.

With that in mind I’m going to step outside of my usual tight-lipped approach and provide a preview of the direct benefit to donating towards my efforts with Today I Learned.

Here are the things your donation can help me make:

  • Guides: The existing Guides will be updated, and more importantly a whole new batch will be published over a short period of time. This will relaunch Guides as a regular post type, including special editions in which related Guides are published over the space of a week.
  • Return to regular posting. Everything from before the break – Tips, Updates, Introducing, Lookup, the recently launched Linked posts, and ICYMI: the weekly catch-up edition of the newsletter – plus the return of The Macro Report.
  • The rest of the special edition of The Macro Report.
  • Reactivation of the Twitter account, with which I’ll make it easier for people outside of Micro.blog to see just how awesome our community is.
  • Further design improvements to the site and Post Haste (the newsletter).
  • Brand new regular post types, starting with a micro-guide that is entirely image-based.
  • A new edition of Post Haste, built around staying updated with urgent Micro.blog events.

… and more. My plans reach well into the future, with everything built on a steady and sustainable timeline. On the Support page I state that I won’t make promises, so this feels even more uncomfortable to write.

However, I hope that highlights just how urgent my current needs have become. You wouldn’t just be helping my family, you would also be securing the path to Today I Learned 2.0. πŸ™

Today I Learned donations

I wish the house moving companies were as good at communicating as the pet moving services 😬

It’s always interesting to see people who like to talk about how they’re “sad to leave Micro.blog” even though they can make the choice to stay.

If I can choose to not be sad, I will always choose to not be sad.

After we move I’m going to set aside time for work in the community, local activism, etc.

I’ll share this on my blog, inspired by other folks on Micro.blog, and hope to see even more of such posts.

It is very easy to site on the sidelines and opine. Much harder to do the work.

Lots of train travel = time for catching up on sleep + time for working on TIL

En route to Claire’s new job. This place really is something else…

A wooded area, with a stream and natural footpaths.

The big announcements from the MacStories team are fantastic. I especially enjoy seeing RSS getting so much attention.

Timezone bump for @TIL:

I’ve put Today I Learned on a break. All of my time and energy is being used on moving home.

I have not set a date for bringing TIL back but I will still be around on Micro.blog and spending some of my free time working on future updates for the project.

TIL On a Break

As of today @TIL is on a break, and will return as soon as possible.

The move is all-consuming at this point and I am confident that recent updates have put the project in good enough condition to survive.

I’ll still be about. πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading!

Not renewing Apple Music. Going back to my local library, with possible sharing if there is a good enough service (I have an iTunes Match sub at the minute).

My primary tactic is to save up for a good file player, probably from Sony, and no longer rely on the internet.

Question for @jean: approximately how much alcohol is required to get through all of this moving nonsense. πŸ˜“

Well that was a pretty good week for @TIL.

If you missed it or like getting letters, there is a newsletter for that: Post Haste

I’m writing the next issue of the weekly recap, ICYMI, and it will be out on Monday. πŸ‘€

Welcome to TIL

Hi πŸ‘‹

Today I Learned is the Micro.blog companion and guide, and I am the author.

With @TIL you can find your way around Micro.blog, whether you’re new to the platform or have been here for a while already. You can get hold of different resources; including tips, guides, links, updates, and the weekly edition of the newsletter.

Here are some links to get you started:

I’ll continue to share information and links about TIL but everything you need will always be published either on the site or through one of the external channels.

Welcome to Micro.blog. I hope you find the community and the platform as warm and authentic as I have. ☺️

See you on the timeline!