Looking forward to releasing some @TIL updates tomorrow. I nearly pushed the button on a few things early but remembered how much I enjoy adding a bit more polish and publishing with a more intentional approach.

Related: I love how much control you can have on the web.

One of the things I like a lot about the community on Micro.blog is that people can get all hyped up about a new app (Glass, lately), and I just don’t care… but! I still find it possible to have good conversations and read good conversations, and not once do I feel excluded.

Just took a quick look in Discover and saw a bunch of people who either haven’t presented at Micro Camp or I haven’t seen in the chatroom there.

This reflects the way in which Micro.blog has grown in a quiet way, without the founders and enthusiasts yelling at you about it.

For the folks who haven’t been able to attend Micro Camp: don’t worry! Neither have I. Sometimes life works out that way. :)

Tried to make an OPML file. Yet another thing the iPad can’t do as easily as a computer.

Maybe one of the reasons RSS doesn’t seem to be as popular as we would like is because we’re all hiding the link for the feed.

The Micro.blog template editor update from… uh, last year?… is so much better than the before times. I think it’s even helping me to gain a basic understanding of how Hugo works.

iA Writer -> Library -> “til” folder -> New Folder -> “design”

Deleting apps from my phone and it feels so so good. 10/10 would recommend

Looking at @pratik’s photos as they go by and super jealous not only of the magnificent shots but also the offline break. 🙌

Pinch-to-zoom should be universally available on the iPad, in every single app, no matter what part of the app you are in.

I’m writing the new issue of ICYMI at the moment. Today was a little hectic, so you can catch up via the newsletter on the Subscribe page. You’ll immediately receive last week’s issue!

I wish I was doing more for Micro Camp. Even so @TIL is continuing with… renewed energy. 👀