Simon Woods

“Putin the disruptor”

The BBC with a lesson in how to be spineless.

Apple are going to announce the Classical subscription at this event aren’t they.

Glass for iPad looks pretty damn good

The list of strong reasons for replacing the device I sold (to help fund the move) is only growing.

Also, how cool is to see the folks at Glass outline the significant updates they’ve made in the 6 months since launch.

Made the mistake of watching a few minutes of this video on the new iMac in 4K 60FPS HDR… and now I really want a PS5 and compliant TV 😬

Chatbots as replacements for human customer service agents should be made illegal.

Just used the Doppler Transfer app for the first time. Almost 800 songs and no problems, over Wi-Fi.

That’s me done with the Music app for playback.

Next steps:

  • manually transfer iTunes Store wishlist;
  • find as many alternatives to iTunes Store as possible;
  • remove Music app.

It is the year 2022 and Siri still thinks fifty is fifteen.

Turning over my egg-timer 13 times would be less painful.

I mean, you could just talk.

– Ian Hislop absolutely nailing the pointless nature of Twitter

Specifically, as a space to convene and discuss serious issues? We’re past time for everybody to stop pretending like that’s a good idea.


It is not our job to arbitrate the status of our species. You do nothing but waste your life by making shallow declarations of how “terrible” society is.

Focus on your specific job. On the work that will help, that will construct, that will only enrich life.

Middle Earth | Rivendell - Music & Ambience

More time travel. Only now I have something to accompany me whilst working on @TIL.

Doug Theme Live - Fred Newman and Dan Sawyer

Time travel is real.

As well as The West Wing becoming an elusive animal of the wilds, the final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is still not available in the UK.

So, basically, all of this streaming stuff is useless because of idiotic business people.

I’m ready to abandon streaming.

The irony of not being able to buy the box set of The West Wing digitally, or currently stream it in my country, and the show includes this glorious line of dialogue:

A GIF of the character Toby Ziegler saying “There is no law, there is no decency.”

Just saw a clip of the Kanye doc.

  1. I’m going to watch this thing as soon as I can.
  2. Seeing him play All Falls Down and being ignored to his face makes me feel further motivation to keep working.

What is Avatar? – David Chen saves you a web search.


  • regular blogging
  • update site
  • microcasting
  • community groups

I’ve stopped trying to customise the icons on my iPhone Home Screen. It’s too awkward and feels fragile once you’ve set something up (yes, including Shortcuts).

Forced labour eh, James Dyson.

When I see comments from people who haven’t realised that a photo they’re looking at is years-old, and my first thought is “well because this was clearly taken years ago, just look at it”… that’s when I realise I should invest much more energy into photography.

I never realised was doing so much… look at all that. It’s so good to see blogging and social network alternatives being so fully developed.

… wait, you can do private blogs and private commenting? Wow.

The other life-long hobby that has recently come to a halt: football.

From playing when I was younger, to full-on enthusiast bordering on pursuing a career (as a writer), much like video games it would have been a big part of my life.

But not anymore. Again, weird.

I’ve played video games for… 3 decades? At least? Most of my life.

That has gradually slowed over the past couple of years, and now since moving last summer I have not played a single big game. You know, the intense ones that demand all of your energy.

Feels weird, and good.

One of my favourite Micro.bloggers returned and I totally missed it:

See London through the eyes of Robert Brook.

Mac App Store not showing updates when one my most used apps does in fact have an update. Thanks Apple.

I’m not commenting on performance improvements to I feel we’re at the point now where it’s correct to expect not just continuous improvements but a certain standard, whether for the timeline, individual sites, theme editing…

Now only problems are noteworthy.