The four-week delay to our lockdown easing is for all of you “lol the pandemic is over” people. 🍻

I have learned two things over the past 18 months;

  • people do not know how to wear a mask;
  • people do not know how to measure 2 metres in length.

One of the advantages of replies being limited to 280 characters is that people will be less likely to load up the “help” and “manton” accounts with lengthy requests that would fit much better in the forums or via email.

iPad Pro w/keyboard: Custom text fields on the web are… challenging.

Globe key as a modifier is a good idea.

TIL we’ll also be able to use arrow keys to navigate through apps on the home screen and use the return key to open an app. A great combination with system-wide tabbing.

The new SharePlay feature from Apple is nice and all but unfortunately I only ever want to share things with people during a pandemic, so the feature is late and entirely useless.

Failed again, Apple. #WWDC #InsiderKnowledge #BecomeAMember

Just had my second driving lesson. Brain feels like it’s been used in a blender.

Listening to the WWDC Connected. The criticism of “late” features because apparently the pandemic is for sure over is, uh… uncomfortable.

Not only is that a big presumption but now Apple shouldn’t make features for people who find it difficult to socialise in physical spaces?

The weirdness of re-discovering one of your favourite albums from years ago, then looking for the band on the web and finding barely any evidence they even existed.

These are the times I most regret throwing away CDs.

iPad improvements from the WWDC keynote are welcome. Unsure if anything has changed about background performance, retaining state of apps (especially websites) but the navigation-based updates look good.

As always, with WWDC I’m going to just watch it with nothing else happening. Even if I don’t get what I want, I hope Apple announces tangible improvements that will help as many people as possible.

WWDC wish-list:

  • Major iPad OS upgrade.
    • desktop-level usability; navigation, keyboard support, etc.
    • this includes Safari.
  • Developer documentation.
    • both retroactively applied and as part of a new, consistent process.

Quick update for @TIL:

Per this announcement, all posts, updates, newsletter issues, and anything else are on hold until the 8th.

Between the weather and an appointment on Friday, this is a good week for a break. I look forward to resuming the gradual reactivation on Tuesday!

I keep seeing people push for new features on that would make it more complicated. This is worrying, since there are already some basic things missing, and fixes needed, and I would hate to see WordPress-style bloat creeping onto

I just used youtube-dl on the iPad and it feels like I got away with something I shouldn’t have. 🤫

Using hardware keyboard with iPad:

Settings —> search “cursor” —> select “Gliding Cursor” —> increase gliding cursor speed.

This thing is set so slow that it contributes to the feeling that the machine is actively getting in your way. Helps to make it faster.