The moment a note-taking app shoves a form for account registration in your face as the first action to take is the moment I decide to ignore it entirely.

I’m not going to recommend Basecamp to people anymore. Exporting has been horrible. Such (loud) seemingly pro-web developers ought to have a better attitude insofar as being open and flexible.

Posting things to The Internet does not have to be treated like a career by people who want to have fun.

It is more than OK for you to not “fall into a new career” when you just want to enjoy using different software.

Making room for fun is good, essential even. You do you.

Tech fans: “We need opinionated software!”
Developer: “Here is some opinionated software.”
Tech fans: “No not like that.”

I recently switched back to making my iPad my main computer. Even if I end up using Windows again — which I hope to avoid — there is no way I am going back to the big all-in-one from HP; it was awful, compared even to this tiny 11-inch hybrid.

I really want to work on Today I Learned and get more involved with things. Hopefully my recent resurgence in other parts of life will make this possible via a schedule that has been difficult to establish over the past 12 months.

It’s not about the app or the service or the platform.

It’s about what you want to do.

I’m starting to realise the extent of power in productivity apps on iOS, and more importantly the ways in which they can help to balance out the seriously compromised web browser.

Latest example: Anybuffer, which I’ve just added to my iPad.

I keep seeing people asserting with great confidence that:

  • blogging = inconvenient
  • and social media = convenient.

I disagree.

I suppose “Follow” being used for podcasts in place of “Subscribe” makes perfect sense in a world full of “Content” and “Creators” and “Influencers”.

Gonna send some emails over the next few days.

… no, I cannot possibly justify the cost of HEY so it’ll be from good old ProtonMail. 😂

I just took an interactive quiz to test my readiness for a degree in computer science. Aced it, loved it, and annoyed at myself for rushing into dropping those 4 points.

It might not happen as quickly as I would like (TBD) but I’ve got my plan set for getting this degree. 💪


The “whole of Britain” is in fact not concerned with events regarding the royal family.

Many of us have actual lives to live.

Every single time somebody opposes Google by saying “use a different Chromium browser” the people making decisions at Google get a bump in their bonus pay.

What a clever trick they’ve pulled on seemingly attentive and capable people.