Each day I’m getting closer to having dedicated time set aside for blogging and project work. The three-month hiatus was necessary and I’m finally near where I was, from a mental and physical perspective, at this time last year. 💪

Hostile language might feel good to use in the moment. But it doesn’t convince anybody to do anything constructive.

If you’re going to make a point, why not do it well.

The thing about living with pets; you never know where they’ll appear.

Cat lying on a dining chair, revealed by a lifted tablecloth.

Adverts in podcasts

There are two types:

  1. Invasive;
    • almost always delivered by somebody from outside of the show;
    • rarely ever relevant;
    • often appears within a pre-prepared section of the show, basically scripted;
    • commonly linked to attempts to track listening, for example “dynamic”.
  2. Curated;
    • almost always delivered by the hosts themselves;
    • often relevant, or at least interesting;
    • mostly worked into the show in an organic manner;
    • highly unusual if linked to any sort of creepy tracking.

I find myself more and more unsubscribing because of the first type, even if I like the show.

I’ve reached my limit on dealing with website pop-ups. The moment it appears, I leave the website and lose all interest in whatever was published.

This is for all types of pop-ups. Absolutely obnoxious nonsense.

I understand that Signal is safer than SMS. However, it is such a shame that they have yet to develop a way for you to keep your phone number hidden.

We’re relieved that she approves of the new furniture, in enough comfort to drape her paw thus.

Cat lying in a cat-bed, attached to a wall.

This was my second cup of tea for the day. The first, my morning beverage, was sadly due to a lack of coffee.

A new grinder is on the way to solve this dilemma!

This iPad Pro is great, such an excellent computer for the majority of the needs of the average person.

Unfortunately, I’m bumping against the limitations of the software at an increasing rate, especially as I’m gradually returning to above-average use of a computer.

We will provide your information to you as soon as we can. Usually, this should take no more than a month.

This is part of the message you get when exporting data from Goodreads. Yikes.

I understand home ownership comes with a lot of stress and problems of its own but right now I want to strangle the people in charge of social housing in this country. There is no way we can hold private landlords to any sort of standard when the public version is shit.

I’ve reached the stage in life when you decide to try lots of Radio 4 podcasts all at once.

Every single time you want to post about a celebrity politician (you know, the national types who get all of the big press), do this instead:

Post about somebody in your local community who has power. Doesn’t matter which position they hold.

Understanding The Behemoths

I’ve returned to thinking about the internet and what it is, in light of working on what it could be. Most recently I posted about the rat-like presence of Google.

Of course this is not disimilar to worrying about S3, Azure, and even Google’s own server hosting. Then take a look at technologies such as React, massive software development-based sites like GitHub, and even the ties between the open web and mega-companies like Samsung with regard to open source…

The internet, much like the real world, shows many paths to living life connected to all sorts of awful people with very few options for small, self-starting groups of people to truly establish themselves free from the hideous behemoths our societies have built over the past many decades.

I’m not discouraged by this. I simply believe you have to gain an understanding of the mountainous obstacles that stand before you, should you wish to overcome them at all.

Very quickly realised that avoiding Google on the web is practically impossible. Specifically, the number of people choosing to use Google Analytics and the like means that you are, at the very least, in-directly fed to The Great Maw.

The main reason I’m attempting to live a life without technology built around invasive tracking (shunning certain websites, deleting accounts with Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc) is that I think about the day I will die…

I prefer to be remembered as something other than just data.

Twitter doesn’t work in my browser at the moment.

I think a lot of people could benefit from this exact error.

One of the great things about the internet is that it’s easier for us all to learn about that which formal education excludes. We can get access to knowledge that does fit neatly within the parameters of whatever the current government deems acceptable.

This is important.