Reminders about subscriptions for software, especially for iPhone and iPad:

  • The business model in its current form is fairly new.
  • Apple controls a lot of how this can work.
  • Apple has worked hard to push developers into embracing this business model.

I wish there were tracker-less, open-web-friendly versions of SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple, and YouTube.

Maybe the problem of good and fair compensation for music will always be the immovable obstacle to such a thing.

I need noise-cancelling wired headphones, for use sitting at a desk. Has anybody with a similar set-up found a pair that they like?

Is there anybody out there who uses OmniFocus without a Mac? I’m wondering if it can work just as well with a combination of iPad Pro, iPhone, and Watch.

Too much of my blogging has focused on the negative side of events. Time to put some effort into highlighting the many good things that our odd little species creates, maintains, and shares.

Televised debate =/= progress of a democratic nation

Remember: there are bad people who want you to get angsty over this television show. Don’t give them the satisfaction; instead, put your energy into those people who are doing the hard work of making things better.

The more I try to use my iPad for basic web-based tasks, the less impressed I am buy this expensive machine. πŸ˜’

You seriously can’t manage email aliases for Apple Mail on iOS natively?

I am no longer sharing links to websites with the following:

  • Cookie managers blocking the site.
  • Paywalls blocking the site.
  • Browser notification pop-ups.
  • Newsletter sign-up pop-ups.
  • Invasive tracking technology.

As such I might not link much but at least it won’t be crap.

Feature request for Apple Watch Fitness:

A “free day”. You can choose a day in which your activity is not counted towards streaks and trends.

If your family lived in a corrosive swamp-land, would you say “welp what can I do!”?

Hate to tell you this but Facebook is prime swamp land.

Starting to think we need a very public list of every website that has such awful tracking technology embedded into it that you need to go through a cookie manager just to use it.

All of these websites ought to be on a warning list until they renounce invasive ad tech.

There are days when I think about my choices to opt-out of Google and Android, and “smart home” devices, and massive surveillance-based social media and I wonder: is ignorance truly blissful?

Would it be better to stop fiddling with tech and just use it as an appliance?

With regard to improving the world, if we only ever accept what we consider 100% purely good efforts then guess what? Nothing will ever change.

We must embrace pragmatism and compromise if we’re going to make any sort of progress.

Just downloaded a film from Vimeo and it was super quick, despite the size. Yet more reasons to use platforms and websites with an onus on quality rather than quantity. πŸ™Œ

Hi, person who runs an online store. πŸ‘‹

So you know, the various pop-ups for browser notifications and your newsletter with 10% off! not only discourage me from buying your stuff but now also encourage me to bad-mouth you to other people.

OK? OK. πŸ‘