Now that I’m getting used to Apple keyboard shortcuts (cmd, etc), it has become frustrating to only have limited access to them on the iPad.

Thankfully touch still works very well, however I am starting to think I’ll just end up using a MacBook for my mobile computing.

And for my third tech gripe of the day:

iPad hardware support, especially for keyboard shortcuts… 😔

I was feeling good about Quotebacks as a generic web tool but the fact that the keyboard shortcut for the Firefox extension doesn’t just work for me is a bad sign.

Too much of indie web type software continues to be this way; in need of messing about with settings to be useful.

I am baffled by the fact that Apple hasn’t made exceptions for Mozilla, so that Firefox can truly exist on iOS.

Right now it seems like Windows is a better option for open web advocates, especially when you factor in Microsoft’s massive pro-developer push in recent years.

There should be some sort of fine-based punishment for companies who make product-related instructions available via PDF and it is literally just an image of the physical copy.

Re-reconsidering my email situation. Going to give the rules and filters for Proton a good go before thinking about switching; I need to actually deal with my existing mail rather than hide that task with the false work of switching provider.

Time is a good decision-maker.

Time to entirely retreat back to my blog, with being my only social media. As soon as Bokeh is released, that’ll at least be a good place for private sharing of photos (undecided on whether to use it for public yet) and that’ll be all.

Reminder for myself: Never Silo

This morning I have exercised more for one day than has been the case for years. Very much on track with my plan to significantly improve my fitness; the next step is to give the local gym a try.

I forgot just how good it feels to get moving with such intent. 💪

Apple: Developers dare to not use IAP and freeload.

Also Apple: Here, have 24 hours notice for the full release of the new version of iOS.

The degree to which Tim Cook is an under-reported asshole with regard to developer releations is astonishing.

Thinking of going back to Fastmail. Protonmail is good but I can’t use it with a different app and their own app is meh at best.


  • staying informed and live-blogging collective misery are not the same thing;
  • if you’re un-well you are not at your full capacity to help other people;
  • you will not regret having spent less time feeling miserable because of the fucking internet.


Looking at my local gyms. If I could just rent out a treadmill that’d be great…

If you are cloned, take a photo of yourself with some official ID and email Facebook

– advice from Jake Moore, security specialist at anti-virus company ESET

I loathe the degree to which so much of our society has surrendered its power to shitty companies.

I would, without hesitation, pay an extra $60 each year if Apple made it possible for Marco Arment to make Overcast a good app on the Watch.

As each day passes I feel less secure in my position that Apple is the easy recommendation for most people with regard to tech in general. If they’re going to use Sign in with Apple as a weapon then its primary virtue is no longer as a competitor on the web.