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  • added “Writer, coffee-drinker, and herder of small beasts.”

One of the fun things about working on 2.0 for TIL is finding website tech that might just work well with hosted blogs.

oh… tumblr does the gross account sign-up wall now as well? And look, an advert for… jobs at Automattic.


We now live in “people leave the roof of their convertible down in a public car park” territory.

Honestly, I’m not sure I’ll ever be a city person again.

I miss @smokey a lot. With that in mind, I’m going to return to posting @monday recommendations and begin publishing another of his regular posts: “Unpublished Drafts”.

Unpaid, but productive.

Anna Havron, absolutely fucking nailing it.

For those people who are gainfully employed; remember the power you have, for which some of us can only wish.

One of my favourite parts of are the photos. Sunlit is on my home screen, alongside Glass and Flickr. I am also going to spend time setting up a feed reader for photos.

Next up: work on a blog post, or posts, to explain this and provide helpful links.

I love the choral moments from The Lord of the Rings soundtracks…

— Holly Honeychurch, Planets I on Bandcamp

Same. Those moments have been a welcome accompaniment along various paths, especially in my younger years.

When I find myself in better moments, rediscovering the good routines that not only make me happy but also make me better, I invariably find that I have nothing to say regarding subjects and issues about which I know very little; which is to say, most topics of conversation.

Hi 👋

If you’re looking at the reply box to an announcement from a software developer, and they have in fact not made that one update you care about it is okay to say absolutely nothing.

It’s extraordinarily easy to say nothing at all!


huh… can’t publish image-only posts from the Mac app. I thought this was an older issue that had since been resolved 🤔

It is past time to stop talking to random people on the internet about serious issues.

Especially if you encounter these people on algorithmically-designed networks with ad-driven business models.

There is nothing to be done here. Nothing to be improved.

So don’t do it.