Simon Woods

Because I have an actual computer I’ve found it easier to work on different parts of @TIL. I now have parts of the project I work on to feel better about the parts that are frustrating in a given moment.

This is one of those things I realise that further motivates me to work.

Definitely getting an iPad again. The best way to work on design with instant access.

I mean, I’m not going to stop using paper. I’m not a monster.

They never tell you that the time after the move is in fact the one that will kick your arse.

There are so many websites that are hostile to older computers. Shameful behaviour from us, the collective web community.

Do you know who uses older computers? People with less money. We are discriminating against poor people.

Want a cause to care about/fund? How about that.

I’m working on a general update post about TIL. Time to be open about the exact state it is in, what I can and can’t do with it, and the likely future.

Moving has helped me to see a things more clearly than before, and now is the time for me to make decisions based on reality.

The one thing that did work with ProtonMail was DNS records for custom domains and Buttondown newsletters… unfortunately FastMail is being more difficult about this.

This is now one of those issues that is too much to handle. Thank god email subscribing is coming to

Issues like this are exactly why I appreciate so much. Manton has repeatedly spoken about the importance of maintaining export features. It comes down to this:

Freedom of movement of data = independence online.

It should be a priority for all service providers.

Only now that I’m changing my email host from ProtonMail that I can see how they’re… like, a bad company. The many ways in which they make it difficult to leave… and putting exporting behind a paywall? Dick move.

I am nowhere near being able to afford those super MBPs… buuuut there is an iMac going for £400 not far from here. I think I could save up for that in about a year. 👀

I’m quite happy with how v1.8 of the TIL site has ended up. Feels like the small improvements have added up over the past few updates, and the larger redesigned elements are always fun to reveal. This time around the footer got the big change:

Screenshot of the redesigned footer for the Today I Learned website.

Water hardness. These are the things that occupy your time when you move to a whole new part of the country.

Water. Hardness.

Have yet to spend time learning Hugo; evenso I enjoy working on the theme for @TIL with some HTML and CSS. I love that I can make design choices knowing that in the future I’ll be able to implement at the template level, with basic customisation then left for temporary changes.

Bokeh is dead.

Long live Glass.

Noise-cancelling is sneaky. Once you have become comfortable with the benefits of isolated sound, it can be difficult to live without it.

Today the coffee shop is not conducive to longer form writing. I tend to favour that work either when the particular piece of writing is the only thing I have to do, or if I know my location is not going to change for a long time.


Neighbour wins privacy row over smart doorbell and cameras – Jane Wakefield

The judgment reads that Dr Fairhurst was “alarmed and appalled” to notice that he had a camera mounted on his shed and that footage from it was sent to his smartphone.

I don’t care how much you hide the Likes, or how private people think they are. It won’t stop the problems.

We need to stop thinking that addiction-based design is anything other than bad.

I started wearing my analogue watch again today. I forgot just how good this feels.

The smaller – and responsive – reply box on the website is giving me hope that an upcoming update will include a character limit. 👀

Every task completed for the move opens up more energy and time for the things I want to do, and have been wanting to do for some time. We are genuinely able to do more of the things we’ve always spoken about doing here. So lucky. 😊

The Internet has arrived 🎉

Our new kitchen has room for a SodaStream 👀

20 years since MGS2…

Can confirm: TodayPoster works like a charm.