Imagine have the utter lack of shame to call yourself a journalist of any stripe and then go on to chase migrants in boats.

I am no longer blogging about things that are going to happen and choose instead to blog about things that have happened.

I remember disagreeing with @adamprocter during the last World Cup re: VAR in football.

Turns out he was right and I was wrong. The technology and the system in which it exists might be a good idea in theory but it is a long way from being ready, if it ever will be. ⚽

One of the things I’ve come to understand and accept about myself is just how intolerant I am of advertising. I mean, in general, since the examples of good advertising are in such a minority of the media ecosystems.

I even have memories of disliking it as a child. πŸ˜‚

There is an underlying global issue that enables the devastation wrought by COVID-19 and other such diseases:

An entirely sub-par infrastructure throughout all of our society.

If any idea or proposal fails to address this then they are utterly worthless words.

I thought I could stomach having accounts with FACEBOOK from a pragmatic POV; I was wrong.

For the people in my life with whom I have communicated via this platform (including the likes of Instagram and WhatsApp): we’ll stay in touch in other ways.

Tempo is an interesting idea for email. As soon as they support more than just Google and the Mac I’ll happily try it out.

I wish all account-based newsletters came with a “choose which email address to send to” option. It would be great to have one address for the account, then a separate address for the newsletter.

Web forms that steal your key control should be made illegal. It’s so god-damn stupid.

Did blogs fade from prominence because they did not have a sufficently attractive “app for that”?

From 2005-10 (ish) was there a “Twitter app for blogs” alternative, such as, Mastodon, 10Centuries, and (other than just Tumblr)

One of the issues unquestionably brought to light by the Tech Ceo Hearing is the horrific state of the advertising industry, especially on the web.

This industry should also be a priority target of regulators and other relevant parts of the government.