Simon Woods

Lots of train travel = time for catching up on sleep + time for working on TIL

Until I can afford to renew my custom domain, my blog is still available at the domain:

Also, until I’ve updated the blog with better links I’m available via email:

The latest iteration of the Sunlit beta is slick. Quick question for @cheesemaker and @manton: are feature requests better via;

  • the feedback button in Testflight;
  • GitHub;
  • Help forum;
  • email;
  • or on the timeline?

This was lunchtime today. 10/10 would recommend

A log on the edge of a pond, surrounded by trees.

En route to Claire’s new job. This place really is something else…

A wooded area, with a stream and natural footpaths.

I’ve managed to fit in little bits of work for @TIL here and there during the move. I probably won’t get anything else done for a few days but there is one thing I can share, even though it is a WIP:

The donations for TIL, via Buy Me A Coffee now includes membership options.

The big announcements from the MacStories team are fantastic. I especially enjoy seeing RSS getting so much attention.

Timezone bump for @TIL:

I’ve put Today I Learned on a break. All of my time and energy is being used on moving home.

I have not set a date for bringing TIL back but I will still be around on and spending some of my free time working on future updates for the project.

Testing the upgraded hosting. 👀

TIL On a Break

As of today @TIL is on a break, and will return as soon as possible.

The move is all-consuming at this point and I am confident that recent updates have put the project in good enough condition to survive.

I’ll still be about. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Not renewing Apple Music. Going back to my local library, with possible sharing if there is a good enough service (I have an iTunes Match sub at the minute).

My primary tactic is to save up for a good file player, probably from Sony, and no longer rely on the internet.

A few months ago I countered Manton Reece’s concern over iPad pricing with the notion that the much more expensive price of an iPad Pro from an M1 MacBook was justified.

I have since changed my mind. The inferior software dents the iPad’s value by a significant amount.

Question for @jean: approximately how much alcohol is required to get through all of this moving nonsense. 😓

Timezone-shifted prompt:

After a busy week on @TIL, the recently named newsletter Post Haste will help you get caught up!

The next issue of ICYMI will be released on Monday. 👀

Well that was a pretty good week for @TIL.

If you missed it or like getting letters, there is a newsletter for that: Post Haste

I’m writing the next issue of the weekly recap, ICYMI, and it will be out on Monday. 👀

Windows > iPad OS

Say hello to the redesigned @TIL. 😎

Screenshot of a browser with the Today I Learned website open, displaying the new design.

Welcome to TIL

Hi 👋

Today I Learned is the companion and guide, and I am the author.

With @TIL you can find your way around, whether you’re new to the platform or have been here for a while already. You can get hold of different resources; including tips, guides, links, updates, and the weekly edition of the newsletter.

Here are some links to get you started:

I’ll continue to share information and links about TIL but everything you need will always be published either on the site or through one of the external channels.

Welcome to I hope you find the community and the platform as warm and authentic as I have. ☺️

See you on the timeline!

First batch for months. The dark times are over. 😌

Four new bags of coffee, on top of a kitchen counter.

Looking forward to releasing some @TIL updates tomorrow. I nearly pushed the button on a few things early but remembered how much I enjoy adding a bit more polish and publishing with a more intentional approach.

Related: I love how much control you can have on the web.

One of the things I like a lot about the community on is that people can get all hyped up about a new app (Glass, lately), and I just don’t care… but! I still find it possible to have good conversations and read good conversations, and not once do I feel excluded.


Make Blogs Legible Again

Just took a quick look in Discover and saw a bunch of people who either haven’t presented at Micro Camp or I haven’t seen in the chatroom there.

This reflects the way in which has grown in a quiet way, without the founders and enthusiasts yelling at you about it.

For the folks who haven’t been able to attend Micro Camp: don’t worry! Neither have I. Sometimes life works out that way. :)