Simon Woods

Seeing people request that the new Bookshelves feature on be expanded to include movies, music, and so on.

If that were to happen I hope the feature would become a general “Library”. It’s quite a big addition as is, and feels a little odd next to the other tabs.

Countdown to people requesting the new not-even-out-of-beta Books feature for iOS 😂


The first issue of the new Today I Learned newsletter has been released. 😌

Re-introducing Today I Learned

I am delighted to say that Today I Learned is back! The main post covers key information, whilst the thread provides greater context regarding Today I Learned itself.

The newsletter has also returned. The details are on the Subscribe page.

To vidya gamer micronauts re: Nintendo 🕹

Is it better to get the physical or digital copy of a game?

There are people who contribute to making things better, and then there are people who choose to run away. I endeavour to be the former much more often than the latter.

When our younger kitty turns on the charm she really turns on the charm. It’s like stepping into a Disney movie.

I’m looking forward to posting things in the evenings again. There’s something about evening blogging, something in the air even.

Taking regular breaks has become an important part of my working schedule.

Got my email address back up and running:

I’ve just marked down my hours for the first ever Micro Camp. This is such a good idea!

A year’s worth of updates in a single edit: the soft return of Today I Learned.

Would it be weird if there was a working group? Like, a shared private space for those of us working in an unofficial capacity on things to get together and talk about stuff, work on stuff, etc…

Maybe this already exists and I haven’t found it?

No favicons in the bookmarks bar in Safari? What in the actual fuck.

Listening to Tazawako by Les Gordon (feat Rosalie Dubois) and like so much of his music it just fits perfectly with warm Spring-through-Summer.🎵

I wonder how much of my wishlist will leap onto Bandcamp once Apple kills the iTunes store.

The messy implementation of custom domains for Hey is why two things are true;

  • as a customer, never purchase based on future expectation;
  • as a developer, never use hype and promises to sell your product.

No better feeling than building something.

The trackpad gesture for slide-over on iPad is much better than the screen version.

Do want:

  • The new iMac
  • iPhone Mini (eventually)
  • TV remote(!)
  • AirTags… I think?

Also, the M1 iPad is ridiculous.

💙 #005799

Apple events are so much more interesting when you scrub the rumours from your web feeds.

I am often caught off guard by the posts I read on In a good way.

The more I find things on the web that cause contemplation, the better I feel.

I need an app in which I can select a set of date-based items (events, tasks, etc) and edit all of them so that the attached dates all move forwards by whatever length of time I choose.

Basically: mass edit date for a schedule. This includes items from the past.