I’ve come to a realisation:

Micro.blog will very likely be the last online community for which I create an account for something approaching personal use.

That feels… weird.

I hope people use more independent web technology, such as Micro.blog, and it helps them change their thinking about the monopolies.

Makes me sad hearing people say “Google Search just has everything” and the like. Ignoring long-term damage doesn’t help to prevent it.

The screenshot app I was relying on doesn’t have a proper iPad app. 😒

Also can’t easily find a cross-platform app for sharing links, whilst iCloud sharing continues to be underwhelming in this regard.

Looks more and more like Dropbox is the winner here.

Quick update for @til:

  • Have mostly caught up with the Update posts. They’re now back on a good schedule.
  • History page is fully updated.
  • Will soon post the back-dated editions of The Macro Report.
  • Other regular post types will soon return.
  • Working on something new!

You know those jokes people make about Windows and updates?

It’s all true. 😒

To be clear, for the UK:

This virus is providing a look at our future. Even if we minimise death and are able to equip the nation with a vaccine, the holes in our society remain; our carer system, the NHS as a whole, education, public infrastructure.

We need better citizens.

People who ignore social distancing, self-isolation, and all of the other measures need to be immediately arrested and have those measures forced upon them.

Not every post on The Internet requires everybody who reads it to decide they all know The Answer and that It Must Be Posted In Reply.

It’s ok to say “yeah, that’s tough/right/interesting” or, you know, nothing at all.

Feeling particularly proud of the general tone of discourse on Micro.blog, at least with regard to those I speak with and who reply to my posts.

Maybe I’m lucky, maybe it’s because of my privilege. I don’t know. Either way it’s a damn sight better than Twitter.

You can’t just ask “when does it stop” because you don’t like the feeling of paranoia.

You should be asking “how can I help to change things” since this virus has highlighted just how dangerous our lazy living has become.

It’s time to stop avoiding the difficulties of life.

Disney+ has both the X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons from the nineties. So I’ll see you all in a few weeks. 😂

Reminder: Twitter is an especially bad social network to rely on in times of crisis. It has zero interest in showing you good things, or encouraging constructive conversations.

Try smaller spaces instead. Smaller platforms. Messengers. Chat rooms. Whatever works.

Maybe I’m weird, or old, or probably just both, but the way you pause video on Instagram is fucking stupid.

The lack of account authentication (2FA, etc) on Flickr didn’t bother me too much; after all, the people at Smugmug need time to untangle the mess made by Yahoo. However, Smugmug itself doesn’t have authentication and they acknowledged that fact six years ago. Disconcerting!