Right now I’ve never been more relieved to be British. Multiple decades of a national health service has created something of a cultural bulwark against the toddler-level trolling of self-interested politicans and the horrible actions of their mindless followers.

One of my idle web browsing habits is to use Google Maps to look at remote islands.

As a species, we get everywhere.


I live in a country in which the manager for our national football team legitimately sounds more like a Prime Minister than the actual Prime Minister.

I wish people wouldn’t use Micro.blog to give feedback about Micro.blog.

This is such an important time for us all to try to remember that we can change only that with which we are empowered.

Whilst national news is important, for most people it simply does not impact you directly; we all need to take each step as it comes and do what we can.

Never worry about “appearing to be cool.” It’s pointless since you’ll never be as cool as Freddie Mercury.

So live your life. 🤙

We’ve watched the last two coronavirus briefings from the PM live. That’s more than enough at this point; hopefully there won’t be a pressing need to do that again in the future.

Today I am grateful for coffee.

I am looking forward to my imminent cup of coffee. ☕

Gonna be extra sad using my little iPad with the Logitech keyboard.

Tip for media streamers:

Download as much stuff as you can, even if it’s for “offline mode” where you still need to use the associated app. Broadband is going to be thoroughly tested during lockdown.

Universities are cancelling face-to-face classrooms and yet the schools are still open. 🤔🤔🤔

I wonder if, here on Micro.blog, there are people who would like to share their Spotify playlists? 🤔

I could make a @til account, save the playlists, and then link to that page as a directory of sorts. Then, maybe the page could be shared on TIL, Micro.blog, Twitter, etc. 🎶

Today I am grateful for the powers of recovery to which I owe my body more thanks than I can possibly give. Sometimes a short rest and some healthy food is all you need.

I’m looking forward to making big steps with @til and major house-tidying chores.

I wonder if Micro.blog would work well as an internal blogging tool. Specifically for small groups such as local government and indie companies. 🤔

I’m starting to think that showing up once every 4-5 years to have an opinon might not be the best approach to fulfilling ones civic duty.

Not sure we can call them “Conservatives” anymore with spending like that.