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Autumn is kinda here πŸ‘€

Before I get Today I Learned back up and running, I’m going to leave these links here:

TIL that Tom Holland’s dad is in-fact Dominic Holland. 🀯

“MP of the Year”? Good grief.

Oh look, another new productivity app to distract from work. πŸ˜‡

Always be careful of people who breathlessly critique something, especially something being built on the web, with righteous dismissal. Often such people will also make grand promises and then produce absolutely nothing in the aftermath of their dramatic cries of opposition.

I wonder if there is a UK version of the Lawfare blog πŸ€”

Further to my last post:

If I was forced to use the iOS version of Firefox, Today I Learned would be a non-starter. And that’s just my tiny little speck of dust in the world, let alone all of the other ideas killed by app-store restrictions.

This why I have a difficult time with even the concept of comments: Francisco Tolmasky brings insight to the public.

Look at the sheer volume of ignorance on display. Better to stay silent, etc…

The Picture-in-Picture feature in Firefox is pretty good. As such I expect Google to break it pretty soon.

Wait… is it true that you can buy ads on Facebook within the iOS app, using Facebook’s payment system?

Apple: We love rule-breakers 😍

Also Apple: No not like that

Apple forcing Automattic to ruin the WordPress app with IAP is a great example of how hard you can try to lose the trust of your most passionate supporters.

Even if Apple claim that a mistake was made, it doesn’t matter; they should not be shipping this junk of an experience.

I… think I have my GitHub copy all ready to go. Guess I’ll wait a week to see if it works. 🀞

I’ve just spent less than an hour reorganising my iPhone home screen. Apple have nailed these new features and I’m even using the Today View more and now have a single page – no dots! – and considering this is the first version, on a beta, it is suprisingly slick:

Screenshot of an iPhone homescreen using iOS 14.



We’re so lonely in our modern world that we are willing to corrupt the foundations upon which we have built our technological marvels.

We talk about our decisions as if they are supernatural forces, impossible to stop or change.

Then we hide from responsibility; cowards in all.

Just found Tei by Ooyy. Ooyy appears to be very much in the realm of ProleteR, a nice ambient sound that I enjoy playing especially at the computer. 🎢

Note: if you’re using Ghost hosting make sure you don’t criticise the company or they’ll kill your site.

Let’s see what happens

With the new editor in Sunlit

That’s pretty nice!

Somebody needs to tell me why I shouldn’t be using the iOS beta. 😬

If somebody could find a way to oblterate the “slack bot”, that’d be great. Piss off, Clippy.

It’s weird that we don’t talk about Aaron Swartz anymore.

I need a bigger dictionary.

One of the things I’ve been delaying is setting up my own server. Getting to the point where the cost is becoming out-weighed by the likely benefits. πŸ‘€