Hey Google, translate everybody’s use of the word “Instagram” on the web to “FACEBOOK”.

I wonder if a lot of the conjecture about RSS – including the boring refrain of “RIP Google Reader :(” – comes from people who no longer read feeds because they don’t want to rather than the lack of a robust ecosystem? Meanwhile, everybody else is… still reading via feeds.

Succesfully cropped a photo in Photoshop. Ready for my career in design.

I forgot just how good a smartphone with a 4 inch screen is. These companies are seriously missing a trick with their dogmatic insistence on phablet-only.

Is Dropbox the best option for automatic syncing between computers?


  • take photo on phone ->
  • save to dropbox ->
  • computer downloads that photo into synced local folder.

I’m trying to get away from Chrome lock-in. Willing to look at good alternatives.

I’m going to stop posting for now. It’s too difficult to post to my blog in a way that isn’t clunky and feels time-consuming.

I’ll continue to post updates related to @til and if there is any other update worth sharing but my regular blogging is stopping until it’s easier.


Blogging on Windows is frustrating. So many times I want to quickly share a quote, a basic link, whatever. I then see Apple people talking about pre-formatted sharing with blockquotes, et al, and it just makes me sad that optimised blogging doesn’t exist on Windows and Chrome.

If you say something in the written word, do not repeat it in audio or video.

If you say something in audio, do not repeat it in video or the written word.

If you say something in video, do not repeat it in the written word or audio.