I think it says a lot that writers and bloggers are finding a home in podcasts and on platforms like Twitch, as opposed to other text-based platforms.

Reducing expression down to bite-sized pieces of content absolutely ruins any writer’s chance of producing their best work.

Fixed a handful of bugs this morning, little things that no one notices and bigger things like push notifications and Webmentions broken for the last few days. Think I need to dedicate June to just working on stability.

β€” Manton Reece

That work has been apparent to me. πŸ™Œ

Safari is probably the most frustrating app I use; some websites and web tech inexplicably breaks when compared to Chromium and Firefox. I’m going to give Firefox a go again, including for password management which has become the only thing keeping me tied to Safari.

I don’t like this thing and will now quit it, and then later fail to stop myself from going back to it, before again complaining and quitting.

β€” The Internet, every year.

I remember @jack once said “Don’t tell me what you’re quitting, show me what you’re doing next.” πŸ’―

  • For people with the spare energy and time: youtube-dl.
  • For people with the spare money and time: Downie.
  • For people with better things to do: YouTube Premium.
  • For everybody else: crappy adverts.


  • For people who don’t want streaming to dictate their life: ignorant bliss.

Is post scheduling on Micro.blog broken for anybody else? The editor just submits from the Schedule button as if it’s the Post button for a new post.

The reason I’m going to continue to use DuckDuckGo is the same reason I use Apple products β€” made in China β€” and Micro.blog β€” increasingly written in React Native, created and backed by FaceBook β€” and it’s simple:

The world is complicated. Moral absolutes are rarely helpful.

How Micro.blog threads could work:

  • Publish original post, either long or micro.
  • Make edits to post.
  • Edits are optionally added to timeline as replies to original post.

Optional features:

  • Include link to OP in reply.
  • Edit log included in OP.
  • Don’t include replies in the TL.

I don’t understand it, or why you would do it. Maybe one day I will do it, but I don’t see that. I don’t understand why you would want to tell other people, people you don’t know, what is good or not so good in the moment.

β€” Jurgen Klopp on why he “doesn’t do social media”

“New post on launch” is a phenomenal feature in @gluon. Mix with “Focus mode” and you have a brilliant app.

But why go through the effort of blogging at all? If you like to engage with the world of ideas, blogging is one of the best ways to do so. Writing and publishing forces you to solidify and clarify your thoughts.

– Chuck Grimmett

Happy to see more major news organisations push against the influence of Twitter.

We need clearer lines on the web, rather than these blurry lines that only reward base attention-seeking and shallow celebrity.

We met a border collie puppy today during Hogan’s walk πŸ₯Ή