Social Network Conundrum

When it comes to mainstream silos vs the independent web and the growing options, this is my constant conflict:

God damn it this is all crap, not just ethically but the design is terrible; ads, unreliable performance, genuinely bad UI, etc.


What does it matter; if the goal is to share to as many people as possible then just swallow the terrible option as a basic broadcasting tool whilst putting serious energy into the good options.


Life is too short, just use the popular one, invest time and energy in physical spaces, and save the ethically minded digital activity for stuff like security and identity.


Life is too short to NOT make the ethically good decision. Better to sacrifice some shallow things (in this case there are plentiful non-Instagram options for good and better photographers) and live a life knowing you made as many good decisions as possible.

Instagram is undoubtedly Facebook’s strongest shield against becoming the next Myspace.

People Will Not Join Your New Social Network

We should be careful before copying everything from Twitter.

Manton Reece, The way out

Manton had more to say about this today and I agree with him. Whether those of us who are driven in any way by ideological motives like it or not, the fact remains that copy-pasting functionality from the existing behemoths is a complete waste of time.

Why would anyone bother with your new thing if it just does what the existing thing does, only with fewer people? That is not an effective way to motivate people and we’re never going to change anything if we fail to understand how people are motivated to make changes in their lives.

Does anybody in the UK use a service for renting a PO box? The only option I’ve seen that looks trustworthy is the Royal Mail service.

For today’s Word That Will Always Look Incorrectly Spelled: relief.

One of my favourite things about is the spirit of maintaining a lightweight strucutre. Sure, there is power but it is paired with a continued effort to maintain the design for effortless microblogging.

The people who make silo social networks unironically use the word content.

We met an akita today. It’s the first time I’ve ever met one and she was big and strong and SO GOD DAMNED ADORABLE. 😍😍😍

Reminders for Microblogvember:

  • Just post once per day with the prompt word.
  • Hashtags are irrelevant.
  • Keywords are irrelevant.
  • Longer posts are OK.
  • There are a few spare days if you start late.

One of my current goals with regard to changing my consumption habits is to get back to reading.

Seriously, lots of reading, like I did years ago.

As such I’m going to post more about that, especially in the coming weeks.

When in the middle of a significant yet lengthy piece of work it’s always important to remember that the key behaviour needed is singular focus. In that very moment that you are dedicated to completing the job, no other piece of work can matter.

I truly wish the IndieWeb movement was much less of a hobby for the few who can afford to indulge in it.

Lot of people out for Halloween in the city this evening. I always enjoy the costumes, the make-up… all of that creativity, especially in such a art/theatre heavy region, mixed with a dark and cold autumnal night can be magical.