For the first time in my life I just saw somebody post the US version of the word endeavour and honestly you’re all monsters every last one of you.

The aforementioned chromecast and lyrics features for Apple Music on Android (middle and left icons, below the playback controls):

Dark Mode for Apple Music… on Android. Also: built-in chromecast support and the new lyrics feature.

Things I Am Highly Unlikely To Encounter On A Hosted Site; a list:

  • javascript bloat
  • sidebar bloat
  • cookie bloat
  • pop-up bloat
  • advert bloat
  • plugin bloat

A checklist of features is no way to measure the quality of anything, website hosting included.

CGP Grey was locked out of his YouTube account – you know, the thing that literally defines his career – and the reason given was because it tripped up the YouTube robots on the condition of:

Impersonation of CGP Grey

Mark off another win for silos, I guess.

I need to find a good piece of software for re-using snippets of text, specifically with markdown support. Definitely going to try TextExpander but is there anything else I should take a look at?

(Note: I use Windows as my primary work machine but web support is also a plus.)

One of my big wishes for the web is that people who publish professionally can find ways to host independently of silos; even if it is behind a paywall. Example: you can use Patreon to support your YouTube channel but the videos are usually still only available on YouTube.

A thing I wish I could teach my younger self:

Proper hydration, posture, and movement will make your life immeasurably better.

My wife and I went to the Apple store yesterday to properly look at some of the shinies together for the first time. It was pretty nice, the staff were super helpful even though it was busy, and of course now we want the shinies.

The Leap of Faith scene from Into the Spider-Verse is my favourite from the past year. 📽

I really wish it was easier to manage my following list on It’s one of very few conventional social features I actually want.

Pretty close to two years on and my favourite number 1 feature continues to be:

No tracking.

twitter is not a good platform for discourse

Sarah Z

Lack of clarity and context is best for shallow, lightweight statements. Got something big to say as part of a possibly public discussion? Post it to your blog.

Regarding my contact details

Quick technical note: I have changed my email address.

My details can be found on my contact page, meanwhile the following addresses do not work:

I have saved all messages for ongoing conversations and will be replying from my new address in the next reply of the conversation.

I will also soon have a new address via my custom domain but my current address – – will be the source of that, so all messages on that address will be unaffected by the custom domain change.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused by this update. I hope that Protonmail can remain viable for a long time.

Big goals for the immediate future;

  • finish removing all politics from my online life (progress has been quick and wow do I feel better);
  • make everything I contribute to the web have substantive value to others, myself, or both.

Apple Maps in DuckDuckGo, Bing Maps, and OpenStreetMap are all inferior to Google Maps. Does anybody know of a good alternative for non-iPhone users?