I’m going to try something over the next few years; create and maintain a sustainable part-time indie income – important to note, as half of a household – working remotely.

When it comes to the marketing side of things, personal use of social silos will not be included.

Finally stopped adding milk to my tea. Next up: finding higher quality tea.

We finally watched Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse last week and I’m still thinking about it now. What a special film. 📽

It is July, in the year 2019, and there are still people requesting an Android version of Overcast. If you are doing this and do not meet one of the following criteria then maybe it’s just time to step away from the web;

  • a bot
  • a troll
  • a close personal friend of Marco

Spoilers… spoilers everywhere. I need to improve my browsing habits to avoid sites where the information is basically thrown at you.

I’d like to thank Marina Hyde and every other so-called progressive author for using my job title in a derogatory context. Between the government who decides my fulltime care is worth almost nothing and the supposedly liberal media stooping so low, I just feel great.

Bravo. 👏🏻

The more I think about the news vs punditry and expertise, the more I agree with @JohnPhilpin re: the news as commodity. I’m not sure the actual news should be available as a publication on a website; perhaps something limited, or strictly feed-based would be better.

To think, the planet used to tolerate our species. Soon enough it will be rid of us, then hopefully all of the other species that have somehow survived will be able to return to the kind of lives we have so shamefully stolen from those that have died as a result of our actions.

i wonder what would happen if i started writing all of my posts like this 🤔

The customer-based Amazon Strike is unlikely to help the people who work for Amazon in their fight to be treated humanely, since;

  • Amazon makes money from other things you will invariably use.


  • Being a better, more involved citizen will actually work.

Welp. There goes Apple’s position as the benevolent dictator of podcasts. It’ll be interesting to see how many fans bend over backwards to defend the trillion-dollar underdog.

Nationwide raids to sweep up undocumented families for deportation are scheduled to begin Sunday, homeland security officials said

America: Land of the Free

For all of the negative things I have to say about Zuckerberg, his posed photos still make me laugh in a way that just feels good. When looking at the photos I can instantly hear Merlin Mann’s robot voice. 😂

That so-called fine for Facebook is just another brick to be thrown by non-voters. It’s not that much different than my own government demanding to see Mark Zuckerberg, and the guy just basically shrugging as he displays all the fucks he does not have for any body of authority.

Long form writing on the web is like anything else that has the most value; it might not be the easiest, quickest, or most convenient option, but you will benefit from it the most in the long run.

Look at Seth Godin, for instance, and combine 7 of his posts. That’s long form.