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Wow Drafts is so damned quick! @kaa you weren’t kidding

Testing Drafts action

Water is good.

Looking at replies on Twitter, in the browser, logged out, might just be the worst possible way to spend my time.

Maybe it’ll help to remind me to not use it?

Maybe I’m just procrastinating for other reasons?

Maybe I should try to start a sentence with a different word?

lol @ people who think edits by Apple to the App Store Review Guidelines will mean they will no longer receive marketing push notifications

Twitter adding a “stories” feature is about right. Look at those image-based posts with the replies next to it; it’s an almost exact copy of Facebook’s years-old design.

Every online community platform that prioritises money above all else will inevitably trend towards Facebook.

Every time I see a screenshot of these security pop-ups from Catalina, I feel my desire to buy a Mac lessen.

This is the same as Windows; with this kind of thing happening there is no significant difference.

At this point I’m better keeping my iOS + Windows combination.

Seeing complaints about Whole Foods since the Amazon acquisition makes me think about my youth.

In 1999, one of our grocery companies (yes, an age when they weren’t all soulless “retail companies”), Asda, was bought by Walmart. It soon went to shit and continues to be terrible.

When talking about making things (literally anything) face-to-face, the first person to say to me “just do this to make it work” will get a stare that will make them uncomfortable.

just is a shitty word in this context. Don’t fucking use it.

Looks like 5G!!! is the new Big Phones!!! for the Apple Is Doomed™ crowd.

One of the positive consequences of generally stepping away from life as a usable asset on the web is that I will be entirely removing all of the garbage coverage and commentary about US politics.

It is literal swamp water and we all just fucking drink it up.

The lack of Firefox Containers on iOS is annoying. What’s the point in having these powerful iPads if you’re going to hobble web technology that enables people to protect their own privacy?

I love the spirit of the indepedent web.

I am, however, frustrated by the feeling of wasting my time. It’s an undercurrent, a nagging sensation; that I will regret the time I spent fiddling with the quirks of independently created and maintained technologies.

The Social Media Morass – Frosted Echoes

I can’t pick a quote. Just read the whole thing because it is all entirely accurate.

Whilst online debate of real issues may be a source of positivity for some people the fact remains that it contributes nothing to the world.

When I read this hilariously bad piece from Mark Wilson at Fast Company and see in the bio at the bottom of the post that he has written “for almost 15 years”, it just makes me feel better about being at the start of new endeavours.

Comment sections (whether silo or not) remain the worst possible place for multi-post replies. Full blog posts – including anything as small as 300 characters – are vastly superior as a form of reply for any conversation that is worth reading.

If it turns out the folks at The Iconfactory have made a contribution to re-adjusting the value of iOS apps, to them I say bravo.

No WWDC with attendees this year, for sure.

Face masks play a very important role in places like hospitals, but there is very little evidence of widespread benefit for members of the public.


More than past time for a formal introduction; good people of, my wonderful wife recently joined us: @clairewoods. Apparently my never-ending rambling about the platform had an effect. 😋

Limiting the Web in My Life

The literal cost of using the modern web slapped me in the face just now. It got me thinking…

This is one of those things that inspires me to think about what life would be like if I gave up being as involved with the web as I currently am.

I could save the desktop for mostly offline work, with limited access to the web saved purely for uploading/sharing stuff, and then rely mostly on mobile computing. This could fit in with spending more time outside, taking my new main computer with me, and generally avoid the muck of tracking-based platforms of services.

IDK… maybe becoming “anti-connected” to some degree. Essentially reverse my general trend of the past decade and switch much more of my focus to the people near me. I wouldn’t be anywhere near as involved with the web because I simply wouldn’t have the time or other resources, as part of an intentional decision to free myself of the misery that is the modern web.

However! I could still work on TIL. I mean, the beauty of is that I don’t have to sell my soul to really understand it, test things out, etc.

A lot of these thoughts have become possible thanks to moving to Firefox. Between the Containers feature and lack of focus on the Google silo, it really has helped me to think about what I am doing on the web through a lens of pragmatism and with a greater degree of transparency.

It’s time for me to think about this in a real way, to make changes that are practical. I actually think it will help a lot with TIL, since it lines up nicely with the philosophies upon which was built. In particular it’s the idea of a “good web”, in which we have the ability to control our online presence and not have to accept a life lived as little more than value-based data, a faceless thing there to be used for the efforts of other people to increase their ill-gotten gains.

This is a lot of meta-style talk, which I didn’t want to spend so much time on in public posts. However, it is a significant process for me on a number of levels and I would like to have a public record of my thinking as I go through the process of making the aforementioned changes over the next few months.

With Firefox alone there are 1.1 GB of cookies stored on my computer.

Why can’t we all just agree to share information without the filthy entanglements of corrupt economic mechanisms?

We got the official documentation for Wendy’s training.

Everyone, seriously, this includes a guide about body language and THERE IS A SAD DOGGO AND IT SAYS “I’M SCARED” 😭😭😭

I’ve taken some time to consider the issue and can confirm:

His Dark Materials > Game of Thrones

A skill for the web that is worth taking your time to learn and improve upon: asking questions.

Many people seem to easily stray into the area of demanding something, and I would guess it’s mostly because they don’t stop to read aloud their question before hitting ‘send’.