Up to 3.7 million pensioners who previously received a free TV licence will now have to pay for it.


Perhaps they should all just die… and decrease the surplus population.

As I’ve just said in this conversation, think about it, those who are cynical with regard to AR technology:

Augmented Reality + Voice Control

For privacy-focused companies like Apple this is a part of the tech industry with great potential to do so much good for the world.

TIL there are people who think of Elon Musk as “real life Iron Man” and now I want to punch myself in the eye.

One of the changes to WWDC this year – at least I think it’s from this year since I don’t remember it being available last year – is that both the live keynote and the VOD have been accessible on Google Chrome via Apple’s site.

I would like to create cat sanctuaries all over the world for all of the strays and rescues, and maintain the sites until they are no longer needed. This would include access for therapeutic care and education.

Seriously just give me lots of money I’ll do it.

Gay couple beaten up for refusing to kiss for men’s entertainment

A news headline.

Go ahead and talk to me about “both sides” and “neutrality” and “civility”. I fucking dare you.

Here’s to all of the people genuinely complaining that Apple didn’t return to the Mac Pro with the same approach and energy they haven’t had in any serious capacity since before the iPhone. You do you and your special little version of reality. 🍻

I’ve got beta 4 of Android Q and immediately switched to the gesture based navigation. It’s been quite easy to get used to it, though this phone doesn’t have a hardware button and I think that might have helped.

One of the social skills I’m working on at the moment is remembering to ask questions in a conversation, especially online. It feels so much easier in the physical world to just do it, so much more natural. Just throwing my opinion at people feels terrible when reading it back.

Starting to eye up YouTube as the next silo to drop for personal use. It’s the last one left that has any firm hold on my attention. Even my recent return to Twitter for personal use has lasted all of a few days; the negative side hit me harder and faster than ever.

iOS 13 support for iPhone starts at the 6S. This means no new features for 5 and 5S. SE should be fine since that was released after the 6S.

Find My is a really bad name. The app, however, is a good idea (the previous structure of two separate apps was needlessly complicated) and a nice way to further prove Apple’s credentials when it comes to privacy and security.

That was one hell of a keynote. Now for the blog posts, podcasts, and so on!

Also… Swift sure does look attractive for n00b developers. πŸ€”

The UPLOAD DATE filter for YouTube used to have a date picker, you could choose a range. Now it’s just:

  • Last hour
  • Today
  • This week
  • This month
  • This year

Obviously YouTube only considers the past twelve months to be relevant at all. Yet more terrible design in a silo.