The line between “I hate these silos and everything they represent” and “I like being part of the conversation with big groups and value the space where everybody can be found” continues to be a line upon which I stare.

Ugh. This is at the core of my neuroticism.

One of my favourite things about as an independent, opinionated platform is the team’s attitude toward the work.

Manton, Jean, and Jonathan do not spend time just talking about the work.

They do not fetishise the idea of work.

They just do the work.

Apple could do a lot worse than ripping off the Pixel with two things:

  • Unlimited photos taken with the iPhone and saved in iCloud.
  • Night Sight.

If you’re going to brag about your camera, then let’s see the practical side of things sorted for the average customer.

Apple User Documentation or the Lack Thereof

There’s an interesting conversation here regarding Apple and support documentation, specifically with regard to what is missing.

This is embarrassing. “It Just Works” should more than cover documentation. I don’t know how many people I’ve read and heard in revered tone about “The Most Holy HIG” and so on… seriously, they are a trillion dollar company and don’t have the resources to make comprehensive guidance across ALL formats? That is utter bullshit and completely user hostile.

Oh, also, don’t forget that “you’re doing it wrong” will make an appearance from time-to-time whenever the executives have been lowered to our level in response to something on which the company has fucked up.

I see a lot of “they’re premium” whenever somebody brings up Apple being expensive. Irrespective of the realities of premium or not, Apple certainly screams premium with everything they do but the deep holes in their user documentation, whatever the format, is terrible and counter to even the slightest notion of a premium experience.

A part of the knowledge-based industry is its adoption of the same mindset from older industries:

The work must look impossibly easy to implement, so hide away the realities of making and maintaining goods at scale.

This is in the rotten core of silos, of the mainstream web.

Person: “Ah this thing I’m trying to do is difficult.”

The Internet: “Oh just do this and problem solved.”

Person: “Thanks but that’s not why I posted.”

The Internet: “tHeN WhY DiD YoU PoSt iT In a pUbLiC SpAcE”

The baby is born. The mother meets with the doctor. They take care of the baby. They wrap the baby beautifully. And then the doctor and the mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby.

– President Donald J. Trump

American citizens:

But her emails.

Life is too short for paying attention to the words of miserable strangers.

On the Wisdom of Ents

Don’t be hasty!

I was getting ahead of myself. Today I Learned is not going to stop – to be fair, that seemed unlikely anyway – but I did need to take a break, to take a few steps back and think about why it was that I felt the way I did; I was tired and in pain, generally feeling down, and none of it had anything to do with a need for TIL to stop.

Rather, I need to do two things;

  • be patient with myself;
  • be kinder to myself.

I may or may not elaborate further on this in some form or another but I think that’s enough for now. The core of this post is to say that TIL is very much back on track, with updates and all, and I am committed to it – barring any major life-altering events – for at least another 12 months.

The ten days that were my unplanned break were illuminating to say the least. It feels good to be back.

Apple spends $30 million per month on Amazon Web Services, huh? I’m sure that’s super secure and helps to protect your privacy.

I’m sure I would eventually get used to working in a library but everytime I am in here I waste too much time people-watching. There’s just something about seeing society in this particular mode that I find both fascinating and … life-affirming? IDK.

Still confused by all the fuss over today. Plus you’ve all got it the wrong way around; it’s 20/4!

It’s been great to see the recent development of Indigenous, by Kristof De Jaegar. My timeline loaded in the app for the first time just yesterday.

This means there are now four ways to access on Android: Web app, Diaolog, Indigenous, and Gluon.

If Apple are (rightfully) taking shit for broken keyboards, Samsung can also (rightfully) take shit for broken phones.

You fucking TEST internally, and then you SELL people an actual working product.