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Just because something is in “the News” doesn’t mean you are duty-bound to pay it any attention, let alone that which you can better use in other activities.

There’s something to be said for piss & vinegar.

Entirely done with shallow Influencers and people who lack the courage to commit truly to their work.

If you’re going to be shallow and lazy, at the very least go do it in private and spare the rest of us your terrible bullshit.

If you think switching social networks can mask the basic fact that a lot of humans are terrible to each other on purpose, you’re in for a surprise.

Stephen Hackett

I can’t stop thinking about these three tweets. Ironically, I could only find them via the Wayback Machine.

POSSE is one of the biggest negative forces actively maintained by the IndieWeb.

  • Cross-posted items rarely look good.
  • Technical burden on both user and provider.
  • False sense of presence.

Inevitably, it’s largely a waste of time outside of vacuous brand type behaviour.

If Viticci doesn’t appear on The Talk Show, now of all times, then what even is the point.

I’m fascinated by the perception of touch-based technology, specifically iOS on the iPad. I can’t wait to see what people of younger generations say about it in the future.

In 10 years from now, will functional websites still exist?

(“functional” = useful and usable, rather than simply landing pages for links to silos or web apps)

Replies hosted at your own blog – Manton Reece

It’s a good job I’m getting back to work. 😂

Final site update: Back to work

In conjunction with my new post questioning the value of the independent web, I’ve just read the following posts from @ayjay with whom I feel at least partial kinship;

I’m scaling back my blogging, to see how well that works.

I’ve stopped manually creating excerpts of my personal posts for It’s too much hassle.

I’ll continue to do it for @til, however.

What's the point in the independent web?

The firmer I become in my convictions that the independent web is the neccessary alternative to social media, the more likely I am to question that feeling.

Have the silos simply figured it out and we, as a species, inevitably trend to this system?

If so, then the independent alternative is surely a waste of time.

Life should be about people and if all of the people on the web are in the silos, then that is where we should be.

Sure, a bunch of people might reply to this – I have been very lucky to find a great community on, for example – and that might include lengthy replies with fiery disagreements to my conclusions.

But ask yourself: who will read that?

  • The people who are so busy living their lives that they don’t have time to read blogs? I doubt it.
  • The people who read blogs and oppose social media (except that they have social media accounts for totally legitimate serious reasons you couldn’t possibly pick apart we promise)? Congratulations, you are preaching to the choir.
  • The people who have similar values and will make breakthroughs in convincing the mainstream to reject social media? That’s possible! After all, people like Manton Reece and Jean MacDonald enjoy reading blogs.
  • The people who wield influence in our broader socio-economic systems, which have provided the support structures for silos to both exist and monopolise the web? Even if they read it, the chances they would change anything to balance out the silos are likely small.

So why are we bothering?

Why do we build against the silos?

What makes the independent web – in its current environment that is hostile to the average user of silos – worth adopting, warts and all?

Some people say they like social media because it’s made real-life interactions with people easier, mostly due to already knowing what each other has been doing and therefore skipping the ritual of “catching up”.

Meanwhile, I thought that ritual was a key part of socialising.

I need a new keyboard and it’s going to be much smaller than my current das. As such this keyboard will be moved into the “spare” collection and that will be sad in a way; this thing has helped me with so many significant events over the past few years. is a place ripe for blog-based projects. So many people who at the very least have feelings about blogging.

Am I blind or have Anker yet to release a USB-C to USB-C (3.1) braided charge cable (preferably 6ft.)?

DuckDuckGo but even faster

vine’s back

Weirdly, clever quips on The Internet don’t actually fix problems in your country.

Batman will never be better on film than when Nolan was in charge. Ever.

Too many people like to talk about being into blogging and then do no blogging at all, choosing instead to just obsess over the meta commentary of blogging.

The technology is interesting but it’s not that interesting.

Say something or log off.

He’s not the messiah!


Sia’s voice… howwwww???

The Bokeh landing page is looking pretty damn good