To all of those who have fought against the pandemic: thank you. You have performed miracles and deserve so much more attention than you have been getting.

People who have continued to work, care workers, those in the healthcare industries, medicinal innovators; all amazing. 🙏

Earlier tonight was the third session of a new D&D campaign. Oof I forgot how rough level 1 can be.

Thankfully, we levelled up at the end of the session. 😌

Making private promises. Remove the performance and all you have left is truth. Tiring but attainable. Difficult but substantial. I am holding myself to my own account, none other.

The administration of running a home is like putting infinite scroll into a task manager.

Feature-less Progress

I’m happy that doesn’t embed certain types of media in the timeline.

I’m happy that my feed reader doesn’t include inline replies like how Google did so in the past.

I’m happy that Glass doesn’t have traditional Likes.

Many of the problems with modern networking have arisen due to the environment, the bad features built into the system.

I do not want to repeat those mistakes by polluting the environment for a tiny crumb of supposed convenience.

With the continuing decline of the BBC and the forthcoming decline of Channel 4, my interest in TV is only going to continue its own downward trajectory.

… I’m a private person … I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good then you should go do something else wonderful, and not dwell on it too long… just figure out what’s next.

Steve Jobs

I believe that our interactions online should be worth something, should be more meaningful than metrics and anonymous validation.

— Colin Walker

11 days with Hogan. He is… well, we will forever know the time before Hogan and the time after.

I wish there was a separated “design mode” for Switching between blogs because I want to do some non-design work becomes annoying relatively quickly.

The community remains both the best and worst thing for your wallet 😂

Fretting about “the world” or “people” won’t help you to solve any problems. All it does is distract you from the work of making things better.

Stop fretting. Start working.

Super glad to be personally invested in a social network that doesn’t have a billionaire tech-bro on its board of directors.

One of my favourite things about the community is the proactive energy throughout.

It’s not just inspiration, though there is plenty, but also the impotence. The direct, tangible ingredients for doing something. And especially, something different.