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@viticci, 10 Years of MacStories

MacStories is one of the few sources of news I read.

I see the annual release of I Don’t Watch Game Of Thrones Aren’t I Special posts are well and truly in full motion.

Thank you, brave souls, for letting all of us know just how brave you are. Yas queen. Thank you for your service.

Despite my reasons for returning to iPhone, there is one thing in particular I wish Apple would improve: photo storage. I haven’t had to think about it once with my Pixel and that should be the same experience for everybody. #ShotOniPhone is pointless without better storage.

Goodbye, Internet.

I am no longer maintaining Today I Learned.

Having given the project a lot of thought, specifically within the context of my life the fact is that I do not have the resources with which to make this work. This is actually a realisation on a larger scale for me personally; insofar as I do not have room for any such project in my life.

I am a carer, that is my job, and attempting to have a second job as a remote worker is an effort that is simply beyond me; I have no way of doing that with minimal effort, rather I work as hard and with as much efficiency as possible and all of this simply doesn’t work.

A combination of factors leave me very much in the wrong place to attempt to continue with this effort and it is important for me to recognise this and move on. I still think Micro.blog and similar efforts are a much healthier, more sustainable alternative to the corporate silos that have come to dominate the web and hope to see more and more people come to the same conclusion.

The sites and account will remain but there will be no new activity at all. If anybody wants to take what’s there, well, it’s all easily copied anyway so there’s nothing new about that.

I’d like to thank everybody for your support with the project, from Jean and Manton through to those who replied to posts and so on; as usual, the community on Micro.blog has proven to be pretty damn good even in these early days. You’re all brilliant.

Now I will be taking a break from blogging and generally posting on the web, and taking my time to think about what I am doing next, if anything on top of my job. I have serious doubts if anything other than volunteering will fit into my life but who knows…

That’s everything for now.

Goodbye, Internet.

That new iPad Air might become my Chromebook replacement. 🤔 I wonder if this is part of Apple becoming comfortable with the iPad cannibalising the lower end of the portable Mac.

I’m going to go ahead and break up my current blitz of replies on Micro.blog by saying: sorry!

Here are some kitty tracks to help smooth over the flood of posts:

I continue to feel great relief at the lack of a traditional commenting system in place on my Hosted site. @Jean and @manton are doing great work by carefully approaching the entire notion of comments, which has plagued the web since before corporate social networks became big.

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Go fuck yourself, WordPress.

Noise Reduction

Only I have the key, and only I get to decide what’s allowed inside.

Cheri Baker, My New Internet Habits

Cheri has found the exact kind of mental discipline I had spoken about at the end of last year.

My goals, similar to her own with regard to time spent online are nowhere near closer than when I first set them out on this blog. It should be no surprised to me, then that the first two months of this year have been marked by a general downturn in my mood, my overall health really.

This stops now.

Not only have I already deactivated my personal social media accounts barring Micro.blog, I have reset my RSS feeds and am in the midst of taking a knife to the throat of any excess with regard to email, task managers (read: Gabriel Santiago’s take on Jillianne Hamilton’s Can a Productivity Nerd Live Without a To-Do List?), and so on.

I am stripping away the noise, making firm decisions about my work set-up (minimised to better focus on the most immediate tasks), and filtering the crap away to stop it from getting into my mind.

Soon I hope to also report that I am reading more books, reading higher quality news, increasing my exercise, and getting much more writing done.

No, seriously, tell me about your “Euroskeptic” bullshit whilst I sit here frightened for my wife’s life because apparently disrupting access to medicine is an acceptable cost to the millions of people who voted Leave, then proceeded to google “What’s the EU”.

Fuck all of you.

I’m like “I should start a Brexit podcast!” and then I’m like “wait that means I’d have to keep on top of the events and whatnot since I don’t like doing anything half-arsed” and then I’m like “so I would have an excuse to do that and not feel totally shit” and then I feel tired.