Simon Woods

Learning just how inconsistent the experience is when it comes to posting an image to on iPhone.

I’m starting to think the part of me that adores albums and binge-listening to discographies will always be at odds with streaming music. 😔

The day has now turned into a Mountain Goats kinda day. 🎶

It’s a Beatles kinda day. 🕺🎶

One of the benefits of not just using Google (including YouTube) or Twitter for search is that I am regaining a lot of my general research skills. The web is full of so much information and it truly seems like most people are comfortable being spoon-fed by a singular option.

Every day, regarding the web, is a walk along two lines:

Must try to make the web better, in any way possible.


Burn it all and walk away.

I love Panic’s website.

The Mac Mini is priced in a weird way. For the same specs, and including the cost of the LG UltraFine 5K monitor, I can get a 5K iMac for roughly £1500 cheaper.

My SE, even with software that is increasingly hostile to the screen size, is the best tech-buying decision I’ve made for a few years.

The sooner Safari on iPad gets better (Apple should be doing everything they can to make it easy for web apps to adapt), the better. The hardware has never been this good but the fact remains that web apps are an integral part of the real world.

Reminder: Calibre is the thing you want for e-books with less Amazon.

Turns out I’m still really into*.

* I could easily add more along the same lines of the last point.

Is there really no such thing as currently playing in Overcast? Trying to get Play Next to make sense and control my current listening session is quite difficult when compared to Pocket Casts.

Maybe it’s my SE? I know that Marco can’t wait to drop support for it.

I’m going to try something:

I will take all of the online shopping I do (it’s not that much, one of the virtures of being relatively poor) and find physical alternatives.

I like the idea of opting out of the vast majority of commerce websites entirely.

The problem isn’t that I want a dog.

The problem is that I want all of the dogs.


Home screen: January, 2020 (null)

Neither is it for the weak in Spirit. For, being Black in America oftentimes means living in and loving a country, that does not love us back. You may take exception to my premise but you cannot discount my experience.

LeVar Burton


(h/t Leo Ji)

Super sad to see Omnibear missing from Firefox.

ProtonMail’s calendar is now in beta. This a piece of software for which I would be willing to drop Fantastical, and Fantastical is one of my favourite apps.

Days since last Facebook scandal

One for your bookmarks. A reminder that no amount of good things people get from Facebook should make us ignore the far-reaching damage it is doing to our species.

It’s like smoking cigarettes and pretending that’s a fine thing to do.

For 2020, I will embrace the power of sleep.

Developing your thoughts and a clear position in a written form that you are comfortable with people reading and using as the basis of a discussion is a terrific quality bar for those thoughts.

Stephen Kuenzli, Key practices for achieving large professional goals

A quick New Years Eve note regarding TIL. Looking forward to doing more, and doing it better.