Torn between two choices:

  1. Continue ramping up Today I Learned, publish longer writing to my blog Mon-Fri, and pursue a career via public remote independent work.
  2. Ditch the public approach in favour of privacy, write without sharing, and focus my time between carer + writer.

The more you learn about the modern web, the more you have to admit the reality; a handful of companies control everything and any moralistic decision to “extract myself from the monopoly!” is, for the most part virtue signalling and nothing more.

Source: I cut the tech giants…

Oh look, it’s Micro Monday! I need to talk about @hollyhoneychurch for a minute. Between the photos of the sweet precious angels, the honest and insightful blogging, and such a willingness to share on her own terms, Holly has been a source of joy on my timeline.

I have two aims regarding my opposition to the corporate web;

  • establish alternative means of communication and updates for my family;
  • attempt to do the same for my voluntary work.

Then next year I will look to spread this effort across the rest of my local community.

Considering getting a paper dictionary for my desk, since web dictionaries are as awful as so many modern websites tend to be.

Perhaps I am well and truly getting old – or maybe ageism continues to influence my thought process – but I could have sworn those of us who used the web 15 years ago all agreed that most of it was the last place you’d go to for your news. That is still such a good idea.

Today is another day in which I am grateful to live in a country where guns are difficult to obtain and mostly illegal – maybe even entirely illegal, I don’t know, because I have never felt the need to know.

Just writing is more important than your choice of software, platform of choice, or even your domain.

Write first. The fiddly technical bits will happen later.

“This item is free*!”

* not including taxes, shipping, and other costs we don’t feel like telling you about clearly

// Seriously. Just fucking include all costs in the price; I could not give a single fuck about your mythical non-tax, non-delivery price.

You: “People who work at Facebook and Uber should quit because they’re super evil!”

Me: “Oh hi. Nice clothes you’re wearing, I wonder where they were made and under what conditions. Oh… I see you’re enjoying your Amazon Prime… and that Starbucks coffee. Hm. Weird.”

I’ll never not spell it Waterstone’s. You’ll pry that apostrophe from my cold, dead fingers.

The depth of (attainable) 3rd party software remains the leading factor attracting me to the Mac and back to the iPhone.