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A quick New Years Eve note regarding TIL. Looking forward to doing more, and doing it better.



Reddit is finally eating itself alive.

In the real world, free web services cannot be sustained without great compromise to the service itself.

Steve Jobs used to talk about Apple being uncomfortable working with orifices. I feel comfortable using this word as a label for the corporate web silos.

Slack’s composer really is terrible now, isn’t it.

I would very much like to upgrade to Flickr Pro but how can anyone trust this page?

One of the cruellest things the ambient culture can teach people is that criticism is bad and any sign of it must be immediately refuted.

The music you listen to when you fall in love… now that is magic.

This is my favourite week of the year.

Plain text > all of your proprietary faves

Just like with Today I Learned, I’m going to disappear for the holidays. Bye!

Updated Windows -> Chrome session destroyed

Fuck it. This is my opportunity to demote Chrome to a YouTube and testing container.

Time to get Firefox up and running.

For the price of four Mac Pro wheels I could buy two of my current laptop and I’d have money left over.

Making things for the web as if the hyper-surveillance era never began is important. It’s one of few ways we can contribute to a web without surveillance, wherein the things you put on the web are there to exist for every reason other than partaking in our broken system.

People need to stop expecting their tech podcasters to change toxic culture in tech companies and instead get the fuck out there and use your rights as a citizen to change things.

(Note: “out there” can mean different things but your favourite tech podcast isn’t one of them.)

I thought Keybase looked like a good idea. I noticed people on getting excited about it.

This post has changed my mind.

It appears Chris Coyne and Max Krohn are yet another pair of tech bros who haven’t got a fucking clue what they’re doing.

One of the reasons I dislike Apple’s change to the strict annual schedule for major releases is the effect it has had on indie development. I see so many people assuming that a lack of update = dead software. Not only that but there is panic about it. Hysterical and unhealthy.

The older I get, the less inclined I am to watch TV. Too much hassle for not a lot of quality.

“Priority! Mud room!”

Merlin Mann, Mud Rooms, Red Letters, and Real Priorities

I can hear this in the style of “Bill Cosby innocent!” 😂

Something is screwed up with my Google/Android settings to the point where the web is convinced I’m in India. You would think this would bother me; rather, it’s yet another big kick for me to finally get Firefox up and running again.

Google are super good at the web services. 😐

Students had arrived legally in the US on student visas, but the school they were lured into was a fake creation of DHS agents, so they lost their immigration status. Now ICE is deporting them on that basis.

via Julia Salazar

I see everybody on the internet is continuing to waste collective energy over big, centralised politics. Good job, everyone. Way to never learn a lesson. 👍🏻

This job board on Techmeme reads like a list of threats.

(Note: Automattic has… ambitions.)

Is the Finder quick? Using File Explorer on Windows feels like death by a thousand cuts in and of itself and I really hope the alternative on the Mac is better. I also think you can use third-party options to bolster/replace Finder?

She likes the new rug. A lot.