Huh… Maps products from tech companies sure were a great way to accelerate the subjugation of our species. šŸ¤”

Before I even begin to build a website for a client, I engage in a deep conversation around two simple questions: Who is coming here and what are they looking for?

Patrick Rhone, How I Build Websites

That thing when I said to subscribe to Patrick? Yeah, that.

Microsoft should stop trying to make apps

A question I have has been previously asked by somebody else on the Microsoft support forum thing, specifically: how can I create calendars using the Windows Calendar app.

From a “Microsoft Agent | Moderator”:

As of the moment, we’ll have to wait until there is an option for adding a new, personalized calendar to the Calendar app. This will be a great addition to the Calendar app, so we encourage you to submit your idea using the Feedback Hub app so that our developers can see it and consider adding this feature in future updates.

… in August, 2017.

I… this is seriously from the company once broken up because of its monopoly in computers.

It is breathtakingly stupid to see the fucking Calendar app not have a create calendar feature. I spend plenty of time with my iPad or Pixel and don’t have even one tenth the level of stress-induced headaches as I do with Microsoft’s software.

Now on my to-do list:

  1. Move relevant tech back to Google stuff; I have a fucking Pixel so why I am bothering with other big vendors is now beyond me.
  2. Get Dropbox set up again; they and Backblaze are the only palatable major third-party developers with whom I have been satisfied with regard to these large file-based tasks.
  3. Rip every single Microsoft thing I can from my digital life and continue to barely tolerate their shitty operating system, for now.

I’m trying to create a new calendar in the Windows Calendar app and I swear to fucking god Microsoft absolutely HAVE to shoot themselves directly in the face or they are not having a good day.


Just looking at my timeline you’d think it was Christmas morning or something. Nah; it is simply the case that Manton dropped a collection of exciting updates all at once. šŸŒŸšŸ˜ƒ

I can’t imagine a sadder way of living life than analysing art before you’ve had a chance to experience it, whether that’s films, music, TV shows, whatever… the whole point is to actually experience the thing before you decide whether to wholesale accept or reject it.

Not entirely sure what purpose a website would serve someone like me so this page is here to redirect you to more interesting places.

Casey Neistat

Clear, honest, useful. Everything a promotional website should be.

This conversation is a perfect example of why stronger muting tools would be good for Let people moderate their own timeline where possible. I assume this is not relatively easy to implement, given the nature of the platform (feeds, etc).

Children: “I need to use the internet to get advice on getting vaccinated because my parents don’t believe in it.”

Some Of The Internet: “Here’s some help.”

Other, larger parts Of The Internet: “How can we use being nice to convince the parents to not abuse their children.”

The News: “So uh… our children are being murdered more easily via guns.”

Some Idiots: “GUNS OR DEATH”

Observers via the internet: “Let’s get all bothered about civility or some shit.”

The News: “So uh… about that poisoned water.”

Some Idiots: “HER EMAILS”

Observers via t

It’s weird how none of the people I follow in the tech punditry crowd talk about the actual wall Jeff Bezos has put between Europe and The Washington Post.

EU lawmakers: “We’re going to try to help with privacy issues.”

US billionaire: “LOL nope.”

People: “ĀÆ\_(惄)_/ĀÆ”

The crushing weight of dangerously low standards in society is a real thing. As A Social Layer

To note:

  1. Apologies to people who follow my feed. That was … a lot of replies.
  2. Replying felt so good. I’ve been in a bit of a funk for a few days and now I feel much better.
  3. Imagine that, a social experience on the web without abuse, corporate surveillance, terrible ads, terrible apps, or a desire to constantly check for replies like an addict.

Will wonders never cease.

I wonder how many people know that if you’re not signed into an account on the Twitter website video embeds do not work. šŸ¤”

Dithering About The Mac

I keep going back and forth on this but as somebody who needs a computer ā€“ even in the case of a laptop ā€“ that can be durable and capable, Iā€™m less convinced that I should be looking at a Mac as each day passes. A Microsoft notebook might be the way to go.

This page from Michael Tsai is Exhibit A for my continued unease. It’s not that I’m likely to get a MacBook Pro, especially not as my first Mac but the progression, or lack thereof, in the higher end models is a sign of how well the lower end models will be treated. To be frank, the price of the new MacBook Air is not enough to put me off but the terribly negligence displayed by Apple toward the Mac in general is disconcerting.

At this point, I’m waiting to see if they’ll continue supplying regular updates (which to be fair, they have since the 2016 redesign) and revert some of the bad decisions of the past two years, and if they don’t I’ll avoid the Mac entirely and compare instead the iPad Pro to Windows laptops.

Edit: Another set of updates from Michael Tsai

Seriously, even if I wasn’t poor there is no way I will be able to tolerate this seemingly terrible keyboard. I write way too much to ever work efficiently; I barely have time enough for this work as it is!

I keep seeing “this technology is bad” and “this technology has done that” and “this technology is responsible for X bad things”. One day we’ll all agree to stop saying this because all we’re doing here is avoiding the problem; people. Technology doesn’t do anything alone.

Wondering if the Update On posts in Updates are necessary. You can see the release notes for the iOS and Mac apps in Help, whilst the info for Sunlit and Wavelength is on their app pages. Maybe roll the rest of Updates and Web Updates into the main blog? šŸ¤”

Every product on the web should have a newsletter just for product updates. I don’t want to repeatedly check your blog or random part of your site nor do I ever want to rely on a social media account. Actually, come to think of it you can throw in an RSS feed just for updates.

Found a way to make hosted drafts for my blog, at least on my phone: Indigenous. It looks like a great option for focused, simple writing. Looking forward to testing it on my iPad.