The blogging mood really hit me – not surprising considering how much progress I’ve just made on a bunch of different projects – and I was just writing one post, which then quickly turned into two. Days like this feel really good. 😊

Apple Anxiety

One of my reasons for feeling trepidation at giving Apple a try beyond iPhone and iPad is that there is no cheaper option to try. There is no entry-level model; this is simply not something Apple are interested in offering to people.

So if I run into similar problems to that which Kohan Ikin has experienced I’ll be pretty well screwed. After saving for a computer for months and then relying on it to get work done, they would basically have me by the balls and only create more stress of a kind that is damaging in different ways.

“Just use what you’ve got” or “Just get another computer” you might say; right, fair enough, but I am already using what I have got – which, don’t get me wrong, is quite good – and the fact is that I am talking about my livelihood here, not just something to fart around on with the browser and email and shitty games or something. The change to the Mac might not actually work; it might be the case that I prefer Windows but even then just to try the Mac there is still this potential for more stress than I am sure I have the capacity with which to deal.

Damn it. Technology needs to hurry up and become better overall and more accessible.

For The Weekend: Ten

A few things for you:

Enjoy your weekend!

There’s something so satisfying about completing the hardest part of a job, especially when it’s for something new.

So, Apple removes Tumblr from the App Store because of pornographic content whilst Facebook and WhatsApp – used as tools to literally destabilise democracy – remain untouched.

Good job, Mr. Cook. I’m sure Martin Luther King would be super fucking proud.

Changes to The Web

The Web As It Was:

  • 90% porn
  • 10% cats

The Web As It Is:

  • 90% porn
  • 5% shitty opinions about the web
    • of which 80% about social media
  • 3% bots
  • 1% Trump
  • 1% cats

They did it with a small team and weren’t afraid to grow slowly.

Manton Reece

Reminder to everybody on; for the platform to be good or successful does not require a team of people literally sacrificing their lives to make it grow. We are in good hands.

In response to the latest thinly-veiled criticism from Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg ordered his management team to only use Android phones. πŸ˜‚

Commenting on Commentors

I still don’t get how they keep getting away with it.

John Philpin, Facebook’s Dirty Tricks …

John is as concerned as I am with regard to the depth of vile incompetence at which both the Big Tech and political entities of our societies are allowed to operate at, and continue to thrive in the process.

The one thing that continues to surprise me is just how surprised so many online commenters are about this; as if corruption has not been at the heart of our so-called democracies for, well, ever.

If there’s one thing commenters can do, especially with the reach of Kottke and the like, is help build the alternatives and shine a light on the ways in which things can be improved. I understand that what’s in the news is what gets people’s eyeballs but at some point we all have to be accountable for improvement rather than mere observation.

You know, Bill Maher brought up a good point you guys!

– Idiots, everywhere.

For The Weekend: Nine

A few things for you:

Enjoy your weekend!