Simon Woods is slower, but also more considered.

@frostedechoes, Social Decay

@macgenie has often spoken about being “the slow social media” and the benefits to this become clearer as more people write about the platform.

We don’t need probable cause, sir. We can stop and search whoever we want.

US border agents, via Nate Abaurrea’s Twitter account

America frightens me. The compliance, the silence, the depth of passive acceptance; it will all be remembered. We can record this now.

What’s beef?

Beef is when you murder motherfuckers on a beat, kill ‘em all, kill ‘em all

Nah, nah, what’s beef?

Beef is brothers dyin’ over shit that never mattered in the first place, lyin’ in the street

ISIS – Joyner Lucas ft. Logic

So so good.

Theresa May getting the boot the same week British Steel enters insolvency.

Strong and stable.

Blog a Lot

I think people neglect to write blog posts because the feedback loop is not as tangible as the onslaught of (sometimes mechanical) likes or faves that you can receive on a social network.

Daniel Jalkut, Blog a Little

It’s a shame people believe what those at Facebook, Twitter, and such like would prefer them to believe; specifically, just because the audience seems to be all on those closed networks that it is therefore the best option to just post everything there and never have an independent, self-owned option as the core of whatever you are posting.

Instead, it’ll be great even if people just change how they think about the whole system, to realise that the closed networks can be useful for specific types of broadcasting but that’s about it. Even then, with regard to messaging not only do we have feed technology but also email and the unbelievable flexibility of open web software as a whole.

It has been encouraging to see the influential voices of the web become louder about these issues in the past few years. It might not be obvious at first but the truth is that we can only build a better world if we learn from our history, identify the good in what we have done, and then attempt to build on that. I truly believe that we can maintain the internet as a force for good, specifically with the web, so long as we hold close to the values of independence, generous spirit, and free thinking; all of which are possible with a web that itself is as open and independent as possible.

#LongLiveTheOpenWeb is another good piece in a movement well worth your time, doubtless there will be more to come and we will all be here, ready to blog a lot.

hashtag stop websites from vomiting their newsletter sign-ups at people 2019

I don’t have a recommendation for Micro Monday but I do have suggestions:

Enjoy! ⭐

The older I get the more I appreciate focused media publications. Not those who decide they must write about the trending topics in a desparate scramble to support their poorly constructed business plan. Specialist writing is just so good.

My favourite Game of Thrones character: Drogon. A very good boy.

The development of has been steady and thorough from the day the Kickstarter campaign successfully ended. Today I Learned (@til) can help you keep track of updates.

Here’s a starter pack:

Boom. Front page. Not bad eh, @manton.

Having lots of work to do makes avoiding Game of Thrones spoilers so much easier.

For all of my friends: please do not post spoilers for at least a few days. Not everybody has the chance to watch it live or even soon thereafter. 🙏🏻

See, the thing with John Wick is that I saw the first one and because of a particular scene early in the film I found it difficult to enjoy the majority of what was left, and do not have any inclination to enjoy the other parts of any of the films.

Seriously. Fuck that scene.

A blur at night.

Bloomberg: “End to end encryption is pointless.”

Also Bloomberg: “Use our website so we can harvest your fucking soul, pleb.”

Strahd von Zarovich is a dick.

I just used calc in CSS for the first time and in the immortal words of Mr. Reeves: woah.

There is currently a technical problem on, specifically with regard to photos. I’m going to take this opportunity, by way of two @til Tips, to remind members of the best places to get info in times like this:

The line between “I hate these silos and everything they represent” and “I like being part of the conversation with big groups and value the space where everybody can be found” continues to be a line upon which I stare.

Ugh. This is at the core of my neuroticism.

One of my favourite things about as an independent, opinionated platform is the team’s attitude toward the work.

Manton, Jean, and Jonathan do not spend time just talking about the work.

They do not fetishise the idea of work.

They just do the work.

Bokeh will be ad-free, have a chronological timeline, and will be private by default. That means that all accounts will start off as private.

@smith, Bokeh: Private, independent, and user-funded photo sharing

A great addition to the diverse, independent web.

Apple could do a lot worse than ripping off the Pixel with two things:

  • Unlimited photos taken with the iPhone and saved in iCloud.
  • Night Sight.

If you’re going to brag about your camera, then let’s see the practical side of things sorted for the average customer.

Apple User Documentation or the Lack Thereof

There’s an interesting conversation here regarding Apple and support documentation, specifically with regard to what is missing.

This is embarrassing. “It Just Works” should more than cover documentation. I don’t know how many people I’ve read and heard in revered tone about “The Most Holy HIG” and so on… seriously, they are a trillion dollar company and don’t have the resources to make comprehensive guidance across ALL formats? That is utter bullshit and completely user hostile.

Oh, also, don’t forget that “you’re doing it wrong” will make an appearance from time-to-time whenever the executives have been lowered to our level in response to something on which the company has fucked up.

I see a lot of “they’re premium” whenever somebody brings up Apple being expensive. Irrespective of the realities of premium or not, Apple certainly screams premium with everything they do but the deep holes in their user documentation, whatever the format, is terrible and counter to even the slightest notion of a premium experience.

The statement went against everything I had experienced as a person who stutters.

– Pratik Mhatré, Self-Disclosure Statement

I like this speech a lot. It’s like a warm greeting in written form. Nice work, @pratik!

For now, Spotify is only focused on content promotion within its own service — not anything outside of its app.

– Sarah Perez, Spotify launches voice-enabled ads on mobile devices in a limited US test

Welp. There goes my Spotify account.