If I get an iPod Touch I’m going to be confused by the feelings I have for the smaller form factor. Fortunately I’ll have months to work it out since my big Android has a big contract for which I need months to run it down.

Next Thursday, FEMA will do its first test of a system that allows the president to send a message to most U.S. cellphones.

News To Let You Know You Are Already Living In A Dictatorship No Really It Is Happening Right Now Why Are You Reading This


For The Weekend: One

A few things for you:

Enjoy your weekend!

If you’ve tried to send me a message at contact@simonwoods.online it probably didn’t go through, which you probably saw but I’m just saying this in case you did not. I’ve tested and it works now.

(I’m super good at email, honestly. 😑)

It’s unsurprising but still disheartening to see so many people leap from “Fall detection in the Apple Watch” to “This will be good For The Old People.” As if younger people aren’t capable of falling over. 🙄 Also, impaired mobility is a thing across all ages JSYK.


In reply to: Why I hate Advertisements by @vishae

Here’s a thing I think is important; now we can actually ask these questions. Back in the day before the web and ideas centred around mainstream social networks, what did you have? Vote with your money? Well that excluded a hell of a lot of people. Now people can voice opposition and it can actually be heard.

For all of the bad of modern advertising, there is also good advertising out there and the bad stuff can now be voted against in ways that are much more inclusive; for example, boycotting a social media site’s most valuable accounts, just to pick an example out of the air.

We need to be realistic about a lot of the noise being made regarding advertising, privacy, social media and so on; much of it comes from people who previously were unaware of such issues, and in past generations many people lived in ignorant bliss. Again, I am thankful this has changed, it is great to see people asking questions and being heard and actually taking part in such important discussions.

Things are bad, sure. But they used to be so much worse.

Time for Apple to introduce the Pro moniker for top-end iPhones. They’re no longer what most people need and have become about more than just what people want, whilst the lower end devices are great. I think this would help reduce people’s perception that it costs too much.

A thing from the past few weeks of chaotic things happeing “in the Real World”. Turns out just dumping Facebook and Whatsapp is in fact not the simple decision a lot of people like to say it is, especially here on Micro.blog. I kinda knew that anyway, just had it confirmed.

I am so much happier on Micro.blog than I ever was on the mass market social networks.

1st person Elder Scrolls on a phone is unreal. Also, the camera improvements for iPhone X are ridiculous.

You: “Google is evil!”

Me: “OK. Offer alternatives.”

You: “Here, make a bunch of accounts, try these things that may or may not work, and spend a bunch of money.”

We have to do better than this. Stop thinking your moral indignation and niche knowledge is enough.

One thing I have yet to talk about on here (at all, I think) is the NHS. I’m used to avoiding the subject on Twitter because, well, a lot of people seem to be keen on misunderstanding a good thing. But, in a nutshell: I fucking love it.