👋 An Introduction:

Hi! I’m Simon, a 33 year-old cis male. I enjoy blogs about the arts, especially music, film, and video games but also enjoy reading blogs in general. I blog about my general interests and people being creative on the web. Oh, also, podcasts are awesome.

We need a word for that feeling you get when you’ve just posted to Micro.blog a lot.

One of the changes it made was to stop third-parties from being able to post to Facebook as the logged-in user.

Sarah Perez, TechCrunch

Facebook’s change to the cross-posting API kicked in for Twitter; they have now fucked up by deleting thousands of cross-posted posts.

For Micro Monday let me tell you about the awesome @belle. Between her fun and multi-faceted blogging, excellent work as one half of Hello Code, new MB Android app, and the insight she offers regarding people and the web… well, you get it, right? Belle is awesome!

I asked a question recently and got 10 replies within 12 hours, all worth reading. I am not, I hope, a spam poster or anything like that nor am I known anywhere else for anything.

Shouting into the void indeed. ⭐️

Update: About page edited to swap out some links and fix the Contact link. If you’ve sent a message to that address I didn’t receive it; the correct address is now in there.

Micro Blog Core

A lot of the ideas in this thread are almost identical to what the closed web monoliths have been doing for some time, and continue to do so today. As such I think they’re best mostly left to third parties (via apps available on various vendors), whilst the first party MB experience should tread carefully – I’m not saying it should lack features but I believe avoiding bloat ought to be one of the top priorities to maintain it as the core of the platform.

I truly believe the best version of the first-party Micro.blog experience is as the Naked Robotic Core. Either that or we’ll one day be met with Micro.blog Moments and Faves From Somebody You Follow filling up our timelines, rendering this entire enterprise a big waste of time.

You know you’re listening to too much Do By Friday when your (internal) reaction to people talking about odd situations is “CHALLENGE!”

If you wanted to talk with a group of people in a private, or at least semi-private online place where would you prefer?

  • Slack
  • Discord
  • Mastodon
  • Email
  • Messenger type (Skype, Hangouts, etc)
  • Other (feel free to suggest something I have missed!)

So My Brother, My Brother and Me has 421 episodes… I wonder how long it will take for me to catch up. 🤔