I took a look at Mastodon and wanted to vomit. That thing is destined for two things: the obscurity of IRC and the same Facebook cloning as Twitter and Instagram.

I continue to adore the focus on blogs in Micro.blog, specifically the culture of blogging as opposed to the established culture of social media. Metrics have become a spoiled thing, whether fans of Likes and Followers want to admit that or not.

A modern web design decision I wish I could force to change: keeping the sign out/log out button away from the main page. Just feels like you’re hiding the exit.

You: I can’t believe they’re blatantly copying the iPhone! Me: I can’t believe Apple don’t simply reuse the iPod strategy and make a cheaper phone.

One of my favourite things about Ben Thompson’s site, Stratechery is that he chooses to not shout at you about his subscription offering. No pop-ups or banners or whatever. Classy. 👌

(Image: screenshot of Stratechery website)

Oh don’t mind me, just watching manipulative tear-jerking moments from reality TV on YouTube whilst stuffing my face full of croissants NBD

Summer Update Redux

Three days ago I posted about my return to blogging. Today I have returned to Micro.blog in a substantial way; I’m back on my hosted blog and more than that, this blog is now in fact my website. I do not currently have my domain name – that’ll happen later, since the tight budget continues to exist – but this is now my personal full site on the web. I’ll talk more about this soon but for now, here are the changes:

  • Considered Haste – the previous version of my website – has now merged into this site.
    • The name Mumblings remains.
  • Now page is updated.
  • Feeds page has been added.
  • Considered Haste archive imported.
    • sorry for any duplicate posts; they should be far back, though.
  • Most recent Mumblings' posts imported from WordPress.
  • Uh… that’s it!
    • honestly, the Now pages covers some stuff

I’m looking forward to posting some more about what’s happening here within the context of Micro.blog in general. Despite not having access to regular posting, I have very much been reading and seeing the continued progress of Micro.blog and, uh, latest events in the Closed Web.

It’s good to be back. ✌️

When @macgenie talks about the Microblog Academy all I want in the world is for there to be a beta of the Micro.blog platform and that is the name Manton chooses. AND WE GET A STAR TREK UNIFORM-INSPIRED PIN UPON BEING ACCEPTED INTO THE BETA. BEST IDEA OR VERY BEST IDEA?

It’s not just a matter of interface design. Apple has built an entire ecosystem to support and enrich the iPad for both customers and developers.

Marco Arment

In the past five months I have found Google’s efforts to compete against Apple’s ecosystem, uh, shall we say… lacking.

Quick update on my Pixel 2 XL after 5 months of use:

Google should be ashamed of Oreo.

It’s amazing how many “progressive Americans” are just Germans from the 1930’s.

Casual reminder that Apple have their own closed ecosystem with an influence on the web and has been said, they are not your friend.

Summer Update

I’m back!… ish.

About a month ago I moved my main site to a WordPress Hosted site and cancelled my Micro.blog plans. Basically: life away from the keyboard demands every penny that can be spared and ultimately that will make my full and proper return to blogging a lot easier. Other subscriptions were cancelled but that’s a story for another time. For now, here’s what is happening:

  • Mumblings is now a WordPress Hosted site, with its feed plugged into my Micro.blog account.
  • Considered Haste remains as an archive.
  • Updates will now be posted on here, rather than as edits to the most recent post on Considered Haste.
  • This site will stay in its current condition.
    • WordPress Hosted is inferior in a number of ways to a (paid) Micro.blog Hosted site, specifically in the areas of customisation. As such there's no point trying to recreate the proper version of Mumblings.
  • I've dropped Twitter entirely. My recent posts on the matter continue to reflect my position, although I have come to the conclusion it is not a thing I want in my personal life at all.
    • Good luck to those who continue to make the choice to include it, though I would also suggest you at least take a look at Micro.blog and/or my current set-up as an alternative: free WordPress + free Micro.blog.
      • RSS is awesome! Emails, newsletters, and Slack can also help switch out the cesspool for, you know, your health.
  • Other than VSCO and Vimeo, I am generally done with non-self hosted platforms. And I prefer both of those for their specialist use anyway, something more akin to enthusiast use as compared to my personal use of Micro.blog.
  • Recent real life events have thoroughly kicked my arse when it comes to progress on my projects. However, things are working out well and so I will soon have actual news and actual activity from more than one project.
  • For personal stuff, well, my current faves are: a new powered wheelchair for Claire (yay freedom!) and an addition to our back door in the form of a kitty door; that's right, cat flap installed!
    • Other things happened, some of which I'll probably soon detail on here.

So yeah, lots of things happening and the thing I am most happy with is the return to blogging. I’ll see you around Micro.blog.

Hello again. ✌️