Finally realised it was foolish to expect tech pundit-based media to put any serious effort into talking about important issues. Sure, they’re making a good living from selling adverts but only if the topics remain unimportant. As such I have been cutting them out of my life.

YouTube Music is going to destroy Spotify. As for Apple, well, let’s just say that most people (especially of a younger age) really couldn’t give less of a shit about how many deals you make with Oprah.

I’m giving feedly another try. Feedbin’s web app lacks both batch editing controls and thorough keyboard shortcuts support. Plus there’s a Feedly mobile app.

Still odd that Apple has the best support for the web, considering how terrible they are with it. update

Reading stuff posted on the web from before Brexit is… ugh so sad.

Currently trying Workflowy in place of TickTick. Was already using the former for some note-taking and thanks to the recent app updates have found it to be good for tasks. Particularly happy to be handling one less account/app.

About Twitter… (I’m super good at spending my time efficiently on things that matter) honestly, I have no idea if it’s worth the effort anymore with regard to actively using their tools for blocking, muting, etc. Wish I could transport the good people onto