I have never seen nor read any of Anthony Bourdain’s work and yet both my Micro.blog and Twitter timelines are full of heartbreak about his passing and thanks for the life he lead. Waves of emotions, passing over the world…

We care about your privacy

– Every company that does in fact not care.

I’ll never get over this untidy fact so many tech and web enthusiasts like to forget:

Sharing anything via the internet comes with an inherent risk of it becoming public.

If you want to help less technically inclined people get by on the web you must include this fact.

We haven’t yet had the in depth sessions, but the even Platform State of the Union is ripe with half-truths + empty stats that serve them.

Meghän Kane, at WWDC

Huh, they didn’t include that in the keynote.

Signs You're Really Into Micro.blog

  • You can’t stop writing about it.
  • You care more about news-based commentary on here than, say, Twitter.
  • You are willing to use a web app.
    • Even on mobile.
  • You wonder if that new project would work well as a Micro.blog blog.
  • You have decided to try journaling properly…
    • … with pen and paper.
    • And you care about the pen and paper.

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  • Micro.blog
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There are times when it is easy for me to forget that the USA is in fact less of a country and more a continent pretending to be a country. Like the EU!

Do you know what I don’t see on my Micro.blog timeline?

#Posts that are #full #of #engaging #content.

It’s pretty fucking cool tbh.

I dislike Twitter threads as a replacement for blog posts and other longform web writing. However, information presented in shorter form can be more accessible, as pointed out by zhenotdelaney. Feels like the web is failing if Twitter is considered so good for this (it is).

I/O and WWDC always look like so much fun… look at all you nerdy people being nerdy. ❤️