I love Star Wars but the fans of Star Wars… ugh seriously so many of you do not deserve it. Assholes.

Must admit that Apple dogfooding Marzipan makes me feel better about the Mac. The apparent neglect of MacOS was one of my biggest concerns and a reason to go full-in on Google; if they back up the apparent improvement in their approach with hardware I’ll definitely reconsider.

Been thinking about WWDC some more… the updates to iOS notifications certainly are interesting. As usual iOS got the best of the updates.

As a potential future Apple user, today’s WWDC was OK… if they balance out the emptiness (honestly there was a lot of padding in there) with both a good week for stuff actually made for developers and a strong end to the year (software and hardware) then it is good news.

All set for WWDC, as I’m sure a lot of folks on here are. May we be here for less than 2 hours. πŸ™

Hi GitHub users. πŸ‘‹

Enjoy networking your code with fellow LinkedIn professionals.

Regards, Microsoft

Suffice to say I am quite jealous of all the WWDC adventures, much like I was of the I/O adventures. Have fun everybody!

I want to oppose Trump BUT the other side shouldn’t be mean to me!

– Idiots Everywhere

My Actual Face

I have big news! Claire has been discharged from both the physio and occupational therapist whom she was seeing because of wrist problems. That’s a reduction of two frequent appointments at once. πŸ’ͺ

The kitties have been on the loose! Over the past week both of the girls have finally been allowed outside of the house, having spent two and half months establishing their base and getting vaccinations and medication to prepare their bodies.

Yes, that is correct: their bodies are literally ready. More pictures soon!

Avataaaaarrrr! (no, not that terrible film) My profile photo has changed, both on Micro.blog and everywhere else I maintain an avatar. It’s literally actually me, so there!

Speaking of avatars and social accounts, it’s fair to say that my viewpoint continues to literally always change, although I hope this post is part of a path whereupon I can just make my mind up and pretty much stick to an approach.

Actual writing for my blog will return proper after some annoying admin stuff has been completed, including a big pile of paperwork for sorting and finally going through our calendars to get them fully set up with everything we have planned and to better reflect the reality of how we spend our time

I am in contact with a local gym which looks promising, not least because of how approachable they have been via email; I am convinced more than ever that regular exercise will be a catalyst for genuinely making progress with regard to work productivity. At the very least I know I will be healthier and feel better, which is the most important thing either way.

Speaking of productivity, I have settled on some non-browser based tools for getting work done on my various projects; this is part of an experiment in which I seek to find the benefits, if they exist, in limiting my use primarily of Chrome but also of browsers in general.

It’s uh, been a busy month since my last update, including a decent amount of progress behind the scenes with regard to various projects…

I didn’t actually realise that until I started writing this post. It feels good to be surprised by progress. 😊

God I just love Micro.blog. Look at all of you, just… doing things. πŸ’ͺ

Where People Are

Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. YouTube.

There are times in the day when I simply think "Why the am I even bothering to think about these things? Life is full of important things for fuck's sake."

Then there are times when I cannot ignore another thought: "What's the point in doing anything if you're not trying to show it to as many people as possible?"

Then I can never forget this: "These people are only on these platforms and not using them only serves to remove them from my life, which is bad."

I have no idea which way to go when it comes to using the different platforms, despite having strong feelings that better designed and curated alternatives are important. For example: Micro.blog

A mix of all of it is probably the best route, in the end, and life is too damned short to cut off your nose all because of hostile feelings towards your face.

I know that, on my death bed, I would regret not giving this a shot.

Casey Liss, Taking Risks

Out of all of the people I discovered traversing the Apple enthusiast landscape, Casey is one of my favourites. He is a great addition to the indie worker ecosystem. πŸ‘

Sometimes I just stop and think about the people who on one hand get super angry about Changing That One White Dude when a story is adapted to a different medium whilst also saying “Lol. It doesn’t matter if people see themselves in stories.”

It makes me sad every time I see statements posted as attached images or tweetstorms. A basic free blog combined with copy and paste is infinitely better, plus you can also do the crappy thing on twitter!

Listening to Merlin Mann and John Siracusa talk about Apple’s problems with attracting entry-level customers on Reconcilable Differences and they are nailing it. Apple are simply no longer head-and-shoulders above everybody else.