Right now a lack of both a password option and “social stats” are my two killer Micro.blog features.

It’s interesting to see people struggling with discovery on Micro.blog. Genuinely feels like the Closed Web has gutted any semblance of an educated culture within the web itself; before Big Social I don’t recall ever feeling the need for somebody to hold my hand so tightly.

Looking through URL shortening options is enough to create a headache. I would gladly pay more for my Micro.blog hosting if URL shortening was offered, in the vein of extra cross-posting and microcasting.

The more I use voice to use my computers the more I’m convinced that Keyboard + Cursor is destined to be in the position we currently reserve for fax machines.

Follow-up to the arrival of the Home robots: I also got a Chromecast today. (:

Rising property prices have made it harder for millions of people to buy a home and the number of households renting privately has reached a 30-year high, according to the English Housing Survey.

Rent in a rich country