Recipe for Lemons

The past few weeks have been, uh, interesting. As I mentioned in the last post on my site it’s been a period of Big Change personally and it’s safe to say that I’m learning about how the significance of such changes only increases with time. The move was… OK. Not perfect or even good in some ways but it could have been worse; we survived, which is important! However, I have a list of improvements for myself no matter how far into the future the next move will be.

This blog, my site, and even my account took a hit with regard to activity and even without the internet my writing has been non-existent. It’s been weird. Even writing this in a completely different building but on the same computer is unusual; for reference, this is the very first set of words I have typed since the last post on my site (or my last post, whichever was last) so even an unusual length of time has passed, at least by my 2018 standard.

The slow period is now over, thanks both to the relatively quick turnover by the Unpacking Committee (myself, Claire, and our two altogether loud cats) and the eventual activation of our broadband service. I continue to possess the notes for ideas previously considered worth noting and will doubtless be inspired to write in light of the move and its variety of consequences – for example: wow, is having a loft a fucking relief.

Anyway it feels good to have got this off my chest. Not only does it feel good to be writing again but I can’t wait to catch up on my web reading and the great community on

Converting the majority of your home into a collection of boxes is a process that is never not, just, weird.

Time to shut down the big computer. No more desktop until Tuesday and no internet for it probably until Friday at the earliest.

Laptop time!

Adventures In Moving

The past couple of weeks have been an increasing number of stressful events, growing slightly up until the point where I realised that I haven’t written anything for the blog since… January? Something like that. I feel bad and in a good way; I’m annoyed atΒ missing out on it, as opposed to any weird social pressure-type reason.

So that’s good.

However, it’s time to be truthful; I’m not going to post for at least another week. We’re moving in the next few days and time is very much up for my attempts to spend any serious time onΒ thinking about a subject, let alone writing about one.

In the meantime I’ll likely be active on since it’s such aΒ good reprieve from the chaos of moving home, as well as life in general. I encourage you to join, it is aΒ lot of fun.


Two things could happen to encourage Twitter to maintain a Mac app:

  1. Apple takes the ‘app’ part of the Mac more seriously, thus keeping that relevant.
  2. US citizens of Twitter do a better job of taking abuse seriously, thus letting Twitter know that should be the priority.

I set up cross-posting to Twitter from this feed but changed my mind within a couple of days. remains the primary avenue for my micro-blogging; non-automated tweets will be infrequent as it remains lowest priority, my only traditional social media.

Square photos look so good in the tl. Nice work, Micro.bloggers. πŸ‘

You know that thing when your body does not appreciate this whole ‘moving house’ thing? Yeah. That. πŸ™„

Don’t tempt me Frodo!

– me everytime I see something that I want

Currently watching Google’s Ocotober event and, well, I’m impressed. Certainly looking forward to getting my hands on this stuff.

I recently started running the app for Google import and backups again. It got stuck on the amount of storage for my account (I’m still deciding exactly what I want to use it for) so I changed some settings, gave it time, and it worked it all out. It just worked. :)

Can confirm: Spotify’s (not even great) desktop app puts both iTunes and Apple Music to shame. Apparently their mobile apps are really where they shine so that’s another mark against Apple’s software – reminder: they unveiled Apple Music three years ago.

Currently testing out a return to Google’s software, with an eye toward going back to Android for my next phone (currently without one) and avoiding Apple; the only part of Apple we’re likely to touch is via my partner’s desire to get an iPad.