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That part in the project when you are Building. The. Thing. 👌

Not in its entirety no

Caroline Nokes, immigration minister responsible for the Irish border admits she has not read the Good Friday Agreement.


Parks and Recreation

That is all.

Alternatives to “this is unAmerican”

The Decline Of Snapchat, by Helena Fitzgerald

An interesting look at how the increase in the population of the web makes it less likely to find the quirky, seemingly private spaces that once made the web The Web.

Today’s piece:

A Spark, A Beginning by Corre


I’ve gone back to using Typora and, uh, damn this thing is going to make me seriously consider a Windows machine for a laptop.

Apple charges its MacBook Pro customers $871.42 to fix the keyboard

Premium products. 😂😂😂🤣

I hope the tech podcasts I listen to cover Elon Musk’s latest round of fuckery. Definitely losing interest in tech podcasts that outright ignore this stuff.

From a reply in a Twitter thread:

Thanks for doing the work on maintaining this as a thread.


There are so many reports about the vile activities of the USA terrorist organisation ICE but I want to point to this one about how they lost 1475 children.

Why are you sending me all these emails…

GDPR is so much fun.

“What haven’t I been reading lately!?”


Why haven’t I been reading them!?

You Are Trash!

… fair. :/

My concern with introducing a version of the timeline that excludes replies is that therefore becomes much more like Twitter and Facebook. Status updates (non-reply posts) quickly become performative, creating the potential for a lot of well established problems.

Today we were blessed by a visitor. 😍

Your mouse will break because GDPR 😂

In Karma Today, George Zimmerman’s life is falling apart.

Tomorrow is a day in which there will be CANINE VISITORS 🙏🙌😍😄

Welp the folks at Instapaper made that decision for me. Bye!

The owl might just be a predator

TickTick are on a roll lately with expansion of their cross-platform approach. Whilst I like the idea of using Google Tasks in an effort to further reduce the number of accounts I have for utilities, it’s going to take a lot of work for Google to justify that switch.

There are days when I just fucking hate chores.

Claire and I recently moved into our first house, a change that has inspired thoughts of exactly how this place should fit into the way we live.

Fortuitously @patrickrhone has sprinkled his magic on the topic and brought such clarity that can be difficult to find on the web.

In this tweet are the reasons for my change of heart over the past two decades, from:

I’m definitely visiting parts of the US.


… eh.

It is 2018 and people continue to use black text on a red background for their professional identity website. 😢