Simon Woods

TIL our GP has all but removed the capacity to order medication via the small paper forms. The justification: “Most people have a smartphone.” 💖

For a business run by two people based in London, the delivery costs for Cortex Merch are painful.

It’s bad enough that I am now more than a little unsure about my future use of the Theme journal. Which is a shame, since I love the practice already.

til @ lol 👀

Turns out Goldeneye for Nintendo Switch Online was enough to persuade me into opting for the expansion pack. 🎮

To do:

  • Set up my YouTube subscriptions in a reader.
  • Test iCloud as a replacement for Gmail.
    • Shouldn’t be a problem since this account isn’t used for personal correspondence.
  • Set up iCloud to replace Gmail.
  • Delete Google account.

Now that Mastodon usernames on no longer show the hostname, let’s see…


And then

huh… weird, it’s still showing the whole name on the Mac app.

Today I realised I need to stop tracking deliveries.

… it’s important that stays true to its blogging roots and unique take on social media, rather than shifting to be a Twitter or Mastodon clone. We don’t need a monoculture with all apps looking exactly the same.

— Manton Reece, Ivory and, not yet


The alleviated weight from triaging important paperwork is quite something. Suddenly so many things feel as if they are possible.

I only had one more book to add to a shelf for tonight and then… just fails. Darn.

Mozilla are now forcing a button into the toolbar for Firefox.

One of the main reasons I use this browser is because of the relatively easy customisation. Flexibility is paramount.

… sigh. Another reason, once I’ve figured out the issue that I’ll go back to Safari.

I don’t think personal bloggers owe their audiences anything. It is almost irrelevant if you make changes or somehow compromise the reading experience. We’re just lucky enough to see any part of your journey.

Personal blogging is primarily for the writer, not the reader.

Between the behaviour of Nadella and Musk re; layoffs, I know which company I’d consider for future employment.

Stationery is much more attractive than any slab of glass or metal. There are times when software is dazzling, life-changing even. However, even glancing at the notebooks and dictionary and pens I’ve had for years continues to inspire me. Physicality is special.

The updated homepage is brilliant. Great job, @jean, @vincent, and @manton!

Apple being the first tech company of the year to announce new hardware feels weird.

It probably isn’t that uncommon but it doesn’t feel that way.

I’ve increasingly made use of the word “publishing” whenever I talk about actions we take on the web, especially those in full public view.

I believe the word “post” or [Insert Brand Name Here] strips our actions of their meaning and removes the intentionality inherent within.

Listening to Draw (Dorian Concept Remix), by Cid Rim. 🎵

TIL the Statue of Liberty is not in New York.

1 coffee down

Infrequent reminder that Manton Reece was angry about this 11 years ago, and then did something about it.

This isn’t to brag on his behalf; rather, one of the many reasons as to why I wholeheartedly trust and have invested in

Can you imagine the size of the file containing project names at Google?

Re-watched Dune… Villeneuve is a force unto himself.

The best way to travel around the web is to always remember one thing:

Not everything is for you.