I should go for a job in government. Clearly they’ll let anybody in.

Every single time I dismiss the lock screen, my iPhone shows the “AirPods connected” notification.

Look at that; they made significant changes to the lock screen and now things are buggy. Well done, Federighi. 👏

As the initial heat from iPhone season dies down, I’ve returned to my previous plan and feel confident about some additions. Not only do I not want a new smartphone but am definitely planning to get the MP02 and have my eye on an iPad for hobby + light work activities.

Another incomplete feature from Apple: AirPods connectivity.

Allow me to connect the devices per machine and don’t just automatically connect them to every single device I own without warning. Such an arrogant assumption to build into devices they describe as “deeply personal”.

I don’t feel comfortable with some of the conveniences of the smartphone. Sure, as a back-up in emergency situations, a lot of that makes sense.

But continuous access to the weather? Or news? Or even conversations?

Like, constant, never-ending, always-on? Doesn’t feel good.

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… the authors speculate that the therapy led to a “rebooting of the immune system”.

— Ian Sample, The Guardian

T-cell therapy sounds amazing.

For those who don’t know: many health professionals have zero knowledge of autoimmune conditions. That’s how little we know.

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Do you know what happens when we buy something from our local shops?

  • we finish the purchase
  • there might have been chatter, depending on how busy all involved are
  • and then we get back to the rest of our day

… it’s like we’re human beings or something 🤯

As a result of the move from last year, we are no longer using a TV anywhere in the house and I no longer have an iPad. I have since discovered that I do not like using my computer or phone for leisure activities (reading, watching, etc).

When it comes to technology, my knowledge largely comes from my lack of fear over trying new things and pressing buttons just to see what they do.

— Patrick Rhone, Handy

It always feels good to discover that your approach to something you care about is shared by others.

Lock-screen widgets from third-party developers — the main reason I updated so quickly — are not currently available due to a bug made by Apple.

Yet more proof that you shouldn’t have arbitrary, marketing-led production schedules.