Simon Woods

A pun made in latin about latin concerning cats, in a reply is probably one of the ways I’d define tbh.

Posting to @TIL without posting to TIL is a strange feeling.

Years later and I’m still in love with Bear McCreary’s theme for Black Sails. 🎶

I was just prompted to remember that doesn’t have a category editor for posts. Huh, you can import and host thousands of posts but the categories are still only accessible by going into each post individually… That’s rough.

When you upload a picture, it will remain hidden until you add a description (this ensures that every picture has accessible alt text). With a description in place, the picture will appear on the landing page and on your personal page (which you can access by clicking your address wherever it shows up on the site).

— Adam Newbold, Picture Sharing and Discourse

Not only another cool feature for but a great way to actually support accessibility. It would be great if other platforms, including, used a similar system.

Does Mac OS Venture finally let you remove that stupid default clock in the menu bar? Asking for a friend.

Pixelmator Pro now includes device mockups… The value added in this version alone is ridiculous. That’s literally a thing I’m going to use for @TIL!

TIL the term “material weakness”. God we’re good at creating utter bullshit.

It’s weird when, you’re working on something new, and no matter how many times you do this kind of thing The Voice is always there. “Nobody wants this.” Every. Single. Time.

I just watched a trailer for a new video-based publication and one of the selling points they included was “no more long articles”.

Why, as people, do we so often feel the need to create “Us vs. Them” scenarios. It is maddening to see that we often lack the capacity for an alternative approach.

There’s a Speedmaster in the local jewellers… First time I’ve ever seen one.

I found about the updates to Bike thanks to an email Jesse publishes, which he offers as part of the product. It’s simple, honest, and maintains a human touch for a product announcement.

It’s a great example of how independent developers can get something so very right.

Typewriter mode is a brilliant addition to Jesse Grosjean’s Bike Outliner, whilst it’s also good to know that focus mode is also sitting there for when I want to see nothing but Bike.

The other updates further push the app into the status of a flexible, full writing app.

I think I fail the photoblogging challenge at about the ten-day mark each time; need to build the photo-taking habit into my life if I’m ever going to complete it. That’s just where I am at the moment with just about anything. Schedule, schedule, schedule.

Hans Zimmer’s score for Dune is wedged into my brain.

Giving BBEdit a go for HTML and CSS. Also, per my previously mentioned spoiling by my darling wife I got MarsEdit for my birthday and I think all blog posts will go through there; barring tests of the various posting options.

As for iA Writer: long-form and free writing.

I’m in a rambling mood… should probably make sure I set aside the time for free writing.

Now that I’ve remembered the folks at reMarkable are European, or at least European-based, I have also remembered why they stay in my thoughts when thinking about different ways to approach my digital writing.

Such a nice experience to not get shafted by exchange rates and delivery costs.

None of them have walked away yet, though this is still early days for this part of the experiment.

A dog and two cats, all eating from their bowls in a line next to each other with two water bowls separating the dog from the two cats.

After a whole day of exhausting cat work, a well earned rest.

Top-down view of a black and white cat, curled up in her bed, asleep.

Glass now has in-app announcements and community features, including notification controls for when these are published.

This is a great idea. A good way to help people stay up to date with the events of your platform; it rewards the most enthusiastic people, which is good all-around.

This has quickly become one of my favourites, for a variety of common note-taking and specifically for my daily task cards. A feat of engineering for which I am grateful.

Close photo of a pen — the Pilot G-2 07 — atop a desk.

Fixed something in the theme for TIL that had been bothering me for a long time. I would never think of calling myself a developer or designer but I have always enjoyed figuring out these problems with a mix of CSS and HTML.

After an unintentional ten-day break, I’m back on my daily bullshit. I’ve been enjoying the freedom of the dot grid format in a journalling book, like rows of tiles waiting to be connected. 📙

The empty page of a notebook, the “Theme System journal”

Jumped on the iOS beta train. I was going to wait, for @TIL, however it’s become clear that it makes little sense to prioritise the old version at the moment. Eventually I will make guides and the like for the older versions but I need to focus on the majority use for now.