Hello, I’m Simon Woods.

The following are the ways in which I am present on the web and why:

  • This blog is my primary and most reliable outlet. I have a Links page for quick access to my work, and a Now page for my latest status.
  • You can leave me a message via email, for any reason you’d like.
  • I’m on Micro.blog, which is also the host of this site. It’s the last personal network I’ll ever join; if I completely removed the open web from my life, Micro.blog would be the last website in that process. My posts from this site are automatically posted to my profile over there.
  • I use the Meta suite of products for my offline life.

Note: I found the idea for this page on Colin Walker’s blog; who in turn was inspired by the creator of the concept, Alastair Johnston.

Simon Woods @SimonWoods