(Update: Monday, 4th of September, 2023)

I am currently focused on:


Three times in five years, with no car, and a housing market that is literally terrible. Fun!

We’re doing this because those stars aligned and produced not only a ridiculously good career opportunity for Claire but also produced it in our dream location for settling down. They were the only conditions set for justifying moving again so quickly, and the thought of genuinely settling is an act of stress relief in and of itself.

Given the event that we’re successful in settling as planned, I look forward to sharing more stories and more photos from our new home.

Intention by time and record

Notebooks, schedule keeping, distance from constant contact with a computer… I’m in the midst of making my own environment, for myself, with greater access to the slower and more careful thought process that I know makes the most sense for everything I want to do next.

Showing Up

Between a bad habit of slow replying and a handful of long-term breaks from the web, I’ve not been as present in the online communities that I have been so glad to have found myself within over the past few years. Much like the previous focus, I am determined to solve this and act based on full and willing intent.

Most of this activity is rooted in and so I am involved, to varying degrees, in the following Community Projects:

  • Miraz: Tutorials for Micro Camp
  • Jas: Working room via video chats
  • Pratik: Email about updating Feature Requests
  • Pete: Community groups
  • Maique: Flickr group
  • John: Reading group and events

Also, on Discord; whether to maintain and improve the unofficial server.


Having made good progress earlier this year, all significant work has now stopped until after The Move.

Note: I made this page as a result of discovering Derek Sivers’ idea.

Simon Woods @SimonWoods