Recently watched my first Studio Ghibli film, NausicaΓ€ of the Valley of the Wind. My planned viewing of every film from the studio fits nicely with the Micro Challenge Sprints. πŸ“½

This is a great way to start writing more often about the things I enjoy. Thanks, @macgenie! 😊

I would love to read the Halide blog but in choosing Medium as a host, Sebastiaan de With and Ben Sandofsky have apparently decided they’re opposed to the concept of open feed-reading technology.

Why even bother with other silos? They should just use Facebook.

The next time you wonder why it is that Manton Reece doesn’t submit the Mac app to the App Store, please consider the shoddy state of the App Review Team.

It is no business of Apple’s what it is that developers put on their website.

But excuse me, I’m not going to write about it anymore. Instead I’m going to do my best to do what I love and care about, professionally. It’s good for my mental health to pursue what makes me happy. It’s more important now than ever.

@vincent, Dealing with uncertain times


Today is a very good day to be listening to ZoΓ« Keating, whose music is always a welcome campanion whether I’m working on some physical chores, admin tasks, or @til. 🎢

Quick update for @til:

  • Have mostly caught up with the Update posts. They’re now back on a good schedule.
  • History page is fully updated.
  • Will soon post the back-dated editions of The Macro Report.
  • Other regular post types will soon return.
  • Working on something new!