I know that, on my death bed, I would regret not giving this a shot.

Casey Liss, Taking Risks

Out of all of the people I discovered traversing the Apple enthusiast landscape, Casey is one of my favourites. He is a great addition to the indie worker ecosystem. πŸ‘

Listening to Merlin Mann and John Siracusa talk about Apple’s problems with attracting entry-level customers on Reconcilable Differences and they are nailing it. Apple are simply no longer head-and-shoulders above everybody else.

The move immediately triggered vows of retaliation from Mexico and the EU, which called the tariffs “protectionism, pure and simple”.

New US tariffs are set

This is the latest effort by the US government to cut their citizens off from the rest of the world.

I feel sympathy for whomever follows both @Bruce and me. Although, the ability to waffle on about useless opinions with other people is surely truer to the old web than most of what I post on here, heh.

Twitter finds a lot of horrible things permissible, is what I’m saying, and it doesn’t want you to be able to filter or curate your experience. They want to sell your shit.

Matt Fraction

It’s time for me to go. Nothing is essential to the point of tolerating this shit.

Micro Monday time! It’s got to be @Bruce who has so thoroughly thrown himself into the community in a way that only reaffirms my decision to set up camp here. Talk about a full-flavoured blog, crossing all kinds of interests and topics worthy of discussion. 😊