Let’s see if I understand:

The ActivityPub feature enables a version of your profile with which ActivityPub-enabled accounts from platforms can follow.

  • (limited to Mastodon)
  • (no access to the Mastodon version of that modified profile)

With each day I feel an increasing attraction towards people who respect the importance of context.

Quips feel good precisely because they lack context; they’re low effort with the false impression of success. It’s much harder to stay silent whilst learning.

ActivityPub support for Flickr would be an interesting idea, however the last I checked their native apps are still pretty bad.

Improved plumbing should not come at the cost of nice experiences across the board. There is no reason we cannot do both.

Just fucking do it.

— Terry Grier with some honesty

This is how I’ve been feeling more and more. My iPhone is now one of my computers; the phone part is there until I’m properly positioned (as soon as I have money; I can wait) to switch to a good, reliable mobile phone.

One of my favourite things about is the blog part. I know lots of people have become strongly attached to timelines and the mechanisms therein; I hope the platform is never compromised by what is, for the most part, addiction-driven behaviour and expectations.

The “it’s too complicated” complaints about Mastodon are the same as the “I’m not paying for a social network” complaints about

People have been trained into wanting everything for nothing on the web, and then living in denial about the true cost of the services.

We spent four hours outside today. First Hogan’s free-run, followed by the festive market. It was awesome; we were so ready to move to the country, and we’ve only just begun.

Pared down the apps on my phone… creating an environment that is much less reliant on the small computer starts this way; gradually establish non-computer tools as the primary option, then move onto experimenting with less capable phone alternatives.

Does that mean that any future famous business-owning government official will have a row of badges? This seems like a recipe for confusion—or perhaps clutter—rather than clarity.

— Ken Kocienda, Thoughts on Twitter Verification

Message boards have this feature. For hobbyists.

Frankly, Apple should have the balls to say okay, we’re moving to two-year macOS major version updates.

— Alan Ralph, macOS Meh


YouTube and iMessage are the social networks very few Commenters seem to consider to be social networks at all.

I used “Writer” as the job title for a LinkedIn alert and it threw up an error saying “Please use a job title” 😂

Now actively doing the Glass thing.

Figuring out where and when I want to publish photos has been in the hopper along with a lot of identity-related work I’ve been doing throughout 2022.

Looking forward to also using Flickr and getting back to my photoblog.