End of the year is a dangerous time for the community.

Of course you need that new gear if you’re going to achieve any of your goals.

The feedback system for Glass is the best I’ve seen for representing feature requests; simple, clear, transparent.

Some @TIL news to start the new year:

Today I Learned will return on Monday the 10th of January.

I’ve noticed people making feature requests on the timeline lately.

With that in mind, I now have a category on my blog for my own posts: Wishes

It’s been three years since the big ones and I haven’t changed my mind about the non-existent ideas.

Got a new category for my blog. Now waiting for it to show up; as good a time as any to give the site a kick via the “refresh” switches.

Related: getting ideas for new guides is easier than you might imagine.

Related-related: yes, guides are coming back to @TIL.

It was great to get to know Ridwan on Micro Monday. Something that leapt out to me was how he and Jean spoke about the personal blogging aspect of

I think that’s my favourite part of our communities. I love seeing everybody’s stories from their lives.

Starting to have second thoughts about the Glass “Appreciation” feature. Maybe this is the good development path of the Like 🤔

Excited for Monday 👀

Christmas here is… different. Things are so different now, in such a good way.

Feature request for @monday:

Post quotes from the interviews. Give some quick micro-insight into the episode.

Would be good to see the Manton episode quotes also posted elsewhere across, especially relating to feature requests, the future, ethos, etc.

This reply is what happens when I’m tired and hungry. Don’t get me wrong, I think there are issues to be resolved but I don’t think things are that bad.

Time to return to my break, especially from heated topics 😪

How can I invite someone into a community that doesn’t recognize the power and violence of language, asymmetrically deployed by the privileged against the othered, that doesn’t truly respect the individual?

– Smokey Ardisson; Friday thoughts, part deux

Time for a break. It’s been… a year.

Happy holidays everyone. Please be nice to each other. ❤️

See you all next year!

Glass now has likes. Oh well. It was nice whilst it lasted.

The feeling of reading and writing with paper and knowing that some idiot from a tech company can’t ruin your experience.