Apple subscription for small business tools, huh. Hey @jack it looks like everybody is about to become an expert in running a small business again 😂

There were no posts from @TIL on Friday. Been finishing up the updates I mentioned previously in the week.

And they’re ready 👀

But first! Some regular posts…

First time in the coffee shop in a few weeks. Let’s see what I can do in the next 80 minutes.

Why does BBEdit start with a dark background as a default… and can you change it? Also… grey text on a dark background? Seriously?

Between the new publishing progress indicator and the (practically) live CSS refresh, on the web is a much better experience. Thanks @manton 🙌

FastMail > ProtonMail

And I’m just comparing their web apps.

Who else is ready to ship this pandemic right into the fucking sun?

Both the first Harry Potter film and Monsters, Inc. are 20 years old. 😬

So that’s the regular posts for @TIL done for the day. Second day back, I think I’m back on track.

But I do have… something else. 👀

One of the things I’m going to work on is the viability of backporting apps for I think it makes sense within the context of the flexibility of as a platform and the philosophy of embracing the open web.

Technology is better when it is inclusive.

Yes, @TIL is back.

Yes, to full activity.

Yes, there is more to come tonight. 👀

Our new home is going to be an interesting test of my gradual movement away from the big social networks in recent years.

I’m fine with the idea of having accounts there again. The difference this time is that I know not to rely on them for anything in particular.

Another day, another conversation on in which I cannot even tell for whom the latest reply is meant. Between a character limit and proper threading I am convinced this would be easier and thus more attractive to use. Especially since replies are random on the timeline.

Apps I wish I could make myself:

  • with filters.
    • So that I can have a non-photo version to pair with Sunlit.
  • for books.

Unfortunately I am not an app developer and doesn’t include an “App Making for Dummies” guide.